The Expense of Buying Boosters

Generally, mtg boosters can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $5.00. Certainly, buying Magic cards can add up especially when you are collecting cards or searching for one card in particular. Even buying individual cards can tag you with extreme costs. Here is how to win MTG boosters:

One option MTG players may not be aware of is playing to win free boosters. Definitely not an unheard of concept (playing to win free merch), but many casual players are unaware that they have a chance to win free boosters by attending events hosted by the DCI players' organization. If you are going to play Magic and buy the cards, why not take a shot at winning more mtg cards? After all, you were going to spend the money anyways.

The Minimal Cost of DCI Events

Consider the cost of buying 3 boosters. With tax, you'll spend around $11-15 dollars depending on where you buy your cards. Most DCI events will cost around $15. Though this will cost you a little more than buying 3 mtg boosters, the benefits will far outweigh the price difference.

Depending on the event type, i.e. draft, sealed, etc., you will be given 3 or more boosters to build a deck. You will use your new deck to play with in the DCI tournament. If it performs well and you win, you'll win more boosters. Simply put, for the price you would pay to buy 3 boosters, you can attend a DCI event and have the potential to bring home 3 or more boosters. Additionally, joining DCI and getting your DCI number is free! There are no membership fees.

Rare Drawing & Trading Up

First and foremost, Magic the Gathering is a collectible card game. With limited print runs, mtg cards do gain rarity. Generally, the older the card is the more value it collects. Equally, new expansion cards can have awesome value when they are first introduced.

Many DCI events are hotbeds filled with players hungry for increasingly rare cards. Every opened booster brings another rare out and onto the trading table. If you attend a DCI event with your rares, there is a good chance someone will be willing to trade with you or even purchase your rare cards. DCI members are there to play and win, so investing in better cards is a necessity. Therefore, you may have the chance to make money off of your existing cards and freshly-opened boosters from the DCI event.


Although it may not warrant free boosters, friendship can last a lifetime! If you are really into mtg, DCI events will have members with the same interest. As you attend more and more events, you will build relationships with other members. This is certainly a benefit and may even render you with a great trading partner.

Overall, attending a DCI event is a win-win strategy for any Magic the Gathering player or collector. If you are willing to compete, you will put yourself in the market to learn how to win MTG boosters.