The true fisherman enjoys being outdoors, appreciating nature's beauty, and are always more than happy to sit peacefully waiting for a bite all the day long, even if only in vain.

Content to relax in a blissful setting, pondering one's own thoughts, fishing is more than a sport or pastime, and something that must truly be experienced to be appreciated.

In addition to the chance for unwinding and lazily spending an afternoon, there are those who have a completely different take on fishing and live for the thrill of competition.

Bass fishing tournaments are fulfilling that competitive need, and becoming more popular than ever. Many times, luck is the determining factor in a bass fishing tournament as one rarely gets to personally decide where they'll fish from.

With most competitions, before the contest begins, a drawing is held to decide where each person will fish. This may be indicated by some type of marker in the water, or confined to one designated area if the tournament involves boat fishing.

Canada is home to the biggest bass fishing tournaments, where the waters are fertile and the chances for catching some decent fish are rather good.

For a chance at a first place prize of $50,000, try entering the Canadian Bass Championship, although every year, more and more people vie for spots in the coveted tournament which gives even the novice a chance at winning an impressive prize.

Bass fishing tournaments can be found across the United States, with many of them having reasonable entry fees, as well as enticing prizes, with first place usually receiving a few thousand dollars.

Most tournaments are held during the summer months, with a large majority of them taking place every year in July.

The sooner you apply, the better, as vacant spots tend to disappear long before the tournament date draws near. Besides winning a prize, you never know if this could be your chance of catching that one bass fish you've always imagined!