Children, teens and parents alike are flocking to the new sensation of Webkinz World. We all love our fuzzy Webkinz stuffed animals, we've built them their very own bedroom in Webkinz World and we try our best to feed them and keep them happy. But when funds are running low, you just can't bare to see a child cry their pet is starving even if it is just a stuffed toy. One of the best games for making money is Goober's Lab.

Things You Will Need

Webkinz account

Step 1

Begin at the top of the board and find all the matches here that you can.

Step 2

Gradually work your way down the board as you run out of combinations at the top.

Step 3

If you get four in a row, try to work the resulting special ball into another combination. Don't fret if you can't; the extra points aren't worth messing up other moves.

Step 4

If you get five in a row, try to use the resulting sparkling ball in a combination as soon as possible. These are worth a lot of points and missing a few other moves is worth it.

Step 5

After getting halfway down, move back up to the top. You probably don't need to proceed all the way to the bottom of the board to get more moves at the top.

Step 6

If you use two of the sparkling balls(supercharged atoms) to make a combination with a third normal ball, you may receive a prize.

And there you have it. You can earn enough Kinzcash to buy your Webkinz stuff animals a few new toys in the shop or complete an entire room's decor. Learn more tips and tricks for gaining Kinzcash on Webkinz World.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you start at the bottom or middle of the board, you will rearrange the top and lose possible combinations.
  • Try to work quickly. You get bonus points for time left over at each level.
  • Vertical matches open up more extra moves than horizontal matches do.
  • Always stay ahead of the game. While it's poofing away your last combination, be looking for the next one you will make.
  • This is not about cheating. There are no legitimate cheat codes for Webkinz and you remove the fun of the game if you attempt to cheat. Your account will also be deleted if you are cheating.