If you have any Webkinz stuffed animals then you probably have seen Pizza Palace in the arcade. Pizza Palace is a Webkinz game similar to Diner Dash in that you must move from station to station completing the various tasks. Multi-tasking is the key to this game as well as the various upgrades that you can choose to make at the various points along the way. Make the wrong choices and all your work at earning Webkinz Kinzcash could be lost. These are not cheats, they are simply step-by-step tricks for each level.

Things You Will Need

Webkinz account

Step 1

Level 1 - Do it even if you know how to play. It's worth 55 extra cash.

Step 2

Level 2 - Be ready for all quarter pizzas. Before walking away from the Pizza Maker set it to make the next pizza in line. Since they're all quarter pizzas here you don't even have to wait to know the next order.

Step 3

Purchase new shoes, at the end of Level 2.

Step 4

Level 3 - Be ready for a quarter pizza to start and then a half. Do all the pizzas in order.

Step 5

Save your money.

Step 6

Level 4 - Pick up orders as you go to and from the oven. This is the only thing you can do while holding a pizza.

Step 7

Upgrade the Pizza Oven at the end of Level 4.

Step 8

Level 6 - Be ready for one full pizza in the middle of the orders.

Step 9

Purchase a new Pizza Topper at the end of Level 6.

Step 10

Buy a new Pizza Maker at the end of Level 6. If you don't quite have enough money, buy it at the end of Level 7.

Step 11

Level 7 - Be ready for one full pizza with two toppings toward the middle.

Step 12

Buy the new shoes at the end of Level 7.

Step 13

Level 8 - Be ready for two fully topped pizzas, one to open and one in the middle.

Step 14

Upgrade your Pizza Topper at the end of Level 8.

Step 15

Choose your upgrades and new items as you see fit after these levels.

Enjoy your winnings from Webkinz Pizza Palace and make sure your Webkinz stuffed animals get some new toys for your work!

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Tips & Warnings

  • You can queue up to three tasks for the cook to complete in order.

  • To cancel all queued tasks, push the space bar.