Anyone can win the monthly contest if they try hard enough!

One way an InfoBarrel writer can earn money for their efforts is by winning the monthly InfoBarrel contest. While anyone who writes articles is automatically entered, it is the person who earns the most points at the end of the month who wins.

There are three winners of the monthly Info Barrel contest. First place is awarded one hundred dollars, second place earns fifty dollar and third place earns an extra twenty-five dollara.

Of course, with all of those points you will earn additional revenue share over the standard seventy-five per cent. It bumps you up to eighty-five per cent. And if five of your articles are based on the requested features on the Editorial Calendar, your revenue share increases to ninety per cent.

The bottom line is this-the more articles you write, the more money you can potentially make with Adsense, Amazon and Tier 2 earnings. All of the hard work you put in will reap you benefits in the long run, as well as the short term prize, your extra cash!

As someone who went for the monthly prize and won, I can share with you a few tips on how to set your goals and win.

Have a Niche or Two Ready to Write

In order to win the contest, you will have to devote all of your time to writing. Remember, you are not the only one trying to win! Have a niche or two (or even three) keyword researched and ready to write. You do not want to waste time doing research because your competitors will be writing while you are searching.

If you do not have a specific niche, then have a bunch of different areas that interest you keyword researched and ready to roll.

If you are new to online writing and do not know much about keyword research, then write what you know. Your passion will shine through and later on you can edit the keywords in.

Write One Thousand Word Articles

Personally, I find it much easier to write one thousand word articles on topics in which I am familiar than to write longer ones on topics that I am not. For the February contest, I virtually rewrote the entire Brownie Girl Scout manual (and trust me, it could use it!). Being a teacher, I enjoyed creating the lesson plans and crafts for the meeting. A bonus for me is that my meetings for the rest of this year and all of next year are already planned. I also find that niche personally fulfilling.

Writing one thousand word articles to win the InfoBarrel contest is a great strategy, as you receive five points for those. You would have to write five different five hundred word articles to earn the same number of points. While eight hundred word articles are two points, you are almost at the one thousand word mark, so it pays to write some more (as long as it is not fluff and is relevant to the article).

Go for the gold and write the longer articles on topics that come easy to you.

Forget Backlinking and Photos

When writing online for passive income, backlinking your articles is one strategy to help get your article on page one of Google. However, it is time consuming. The same thing can be said for finding just the right photo. Pictures are a great asset to your articles, as they also can lead people to your writing. You should not waste time with these two things when you should be writing.

When the contest is over, you can always start backlinking (if you wish) and adding photos. Trust me and others who have also won, that’s about all you will want to do!

Keep a Chart to Track Your Progress

In order to track my progress, and those of my competitors in the monthly InfoBarrel contest, I kept a chart taped to the cabinet above my computer. Every morning I would check all of our stats, write them down, and get motivated to write more. I was in it to win it!

How to Win an InfoBarrel Monthly COntestCredit:

Know That This is Going to Be Your Life for the Month

Once you get bitten by the contest bug, it is hard to stop. Because others are also trying, stopping for even a day can lose you ground. If you are serious about winning the top prize, you will be writing around the clock.

So be prepared. Freeze meals, stock up your pantry, and do not pick up the phone! Tell everyone you know about your goals and ask for the space you need.

Drink lots of coffee or tea. Those will help you get through the late nights!

Participate in the Contest During a Short Month

Writing in February is way easier than writing in March. Why is that? There are three fewer days to write! Anyone who has written for the InfoBarrel contest prize knows what I am saying. By the last few days of the month, you just want it to end!

Since the February option comes but once a year, try for one of the months that has thirty days.

Be Upfront About Your Participation

One of the best things about our InfoBarrel is our sense of community. We are here to help each other and make this a positive place to be.

Although there is no written rule about this, if you are going to write to win, be upfront about it. You do not have to declare anything in writing, but those who are participating can see every day who they are up against. If you decide to upload four hundred points worth of articles over the last two days, be prepared for people to look towards you unkindly.

I believe in karma-what comes around goes around. We are not at war, so I see no purpose of winning the contest by an intentional ambush. Only those who have actively written to win can understand the bad form of winning this way. If that is how you want to win, you can, but think of what it might cost you here at our community.

It was a lot of fun shopping with my one hundred dollars, I bought the following:

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and these three things for me!



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Good luck to everyone who chooses to participate!