Amidst the excitement and fan-fare that is the Olympics, Gold medals are reserved for the victors in each respective sport of competition: an ultimate display of triumph over peers representing the world over. To preface this article, however, it is important to mention that 99.9% of World's population will never achieve this feet, let alone stand a chance of winning one of the two 'lesser' medals (Namely, Bronze and Silver). I will never win one....and, you probably won't either, but, in the heartfelt spirit of the Olympics, it is my goal to make this article as applicable to those select few who strive for Olympic Glory, with casual observations from the current 2010 Winter Olympics hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada).

First, it is absolutely imperative that one really knows their sport. From skiing the moguls, to perfecting a triple Axle in figure skating, any Olympic Gold medal hopeful must be in a class all their own. They must have achieved expert status by fully grasping the most intricate aspects of their particular sports' requirements. The essential body mechanics and movements, coupled with muscular endurance and patience, should be mastered to a level unfathomable (and unachievable) by most mortal men.

Second, even if the Olympian doesn't particularly originate from the confines of the hosting country, he/she must do their very best to embrace the culture. Proper mindset needed for achieving greatness can only be had if the Olympian engulfs themselves in the spirit and culture of the hosted country. From taking in the local food between trial runs, or embracing other elements of culture, your Olympic Gold Medal victory will be that much more relevant and meaningful if you have taken the necessary time to embrace the spirit behind the hosting country's culture.

Third, you must adequately prepare your equipment: the tools of your trade and means by which you will secure your place as a Olympic Gold Medal Recipient in the history books. From sharpening the blades on your ice skates, to making sure your team's bobsled in prepared for battle, a horrific scene similar to that in the movie "Cool Runnings" could easily destine you for Olympic disappointment. The last thing you would want to occur is for your bobsled to give way to faulty or inadequate assembly, and break down or fall apart under the strains of gold weather, and a rigid, unforgiving, track. Take these lessons, and apply them to your sport and your equipment, and you are one step closer to securing that Olympic Gold Medal that you dreamed of since you were a child.

Fourth, while you embrace the culture of the host country, it is also important that you not become so infatuated with theirs that you forget your own. Every now and then, it doesn't hurt to intentionally and purposefully instigate spirit of nationalism by making a casual glance towards your respective country's flag on your own Olympic uniform. Where you home country's fans are, take the time to acknowledge them with a wave or a kiss or a hug. As long as they aren't behaving in a manner un-becoming of the olympics and the host country, hug them and encourage their excitement over their olympic representatives. When you do ultimately win your Gold medal, don't forget to swaddle yourself with your country's flag and display it valiantly for the entire world to see.

Fifth, remember to maintain your professionalism. Whether you are from Germany, Russia, Canada, or the United States, you must remember that you are a physical representation of your homeland. From young to old, you will be watched intimately as you have been provided with a Global spotlight by which to display the summit of your abilities. You have diligently trained for four years plus, and, one small slip-up could taint your reputation in the eyes of a global audience forever.

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