African Rainmaker is a skill game available for play on This article will go into detail as to how you can get a high score by getting into Rainmaker Mode as quickly as possible. Refer to this article if you are interested in how to play African Rainmaker and basic terms of the game. Racking up a lot of points due to a high multiplier is the key to winning this game. If you enter into Rainmaker Mode, it is relatively easy to have long periods of multipliers.

The key to the game pre-Rainmaker Mode is to shoot as many clouds as quickly as possible to create drums and jewels that hit the drums. Sacrificing early game multipliers for a quick Rainmaker mode is well worth it because it is difficult to get past a 10x multiplier without Bengal Fire Blasts. Try to shoot at specific columns so that one or more of those columns disappears entirely and the clouds come together, forming a lot of groups, drums and jewels.

Try to group drums of the same colour into one section of the board. This can be done by quickly scanning the board at the start of the game to see where it is the most beneficial to throw reds up into the air vs., say, greens. Commit one colour to that side of the board and another colour to the opposite side. If you control the outer 3 colours on each side and leave the center open for whatever happens to be the best match or whatever falls from multiple group creations, you have the best chance for getting into Rainmaker Mode. Keep in mind if the drums start to fill the spaces on the bottom, any further drum creation will fill up the empty spaces. So if you are trying to fill the right side of your board with green drums, and the only two spots available are on the right side, feel free to create a green drum anywhere on the screen and it will place itself in one of the empty spaces on the right side.

Prior to Rainmaker Mode the object of the game is speed. Once you get into Rainmaker Mode the object of the game is patience. Bengal Fire Blasts from the drums will keep your game moving and will make matches for you, increasing your multiplier. You do not want to release a new cloud and reset the multiplier prematurely. On the other hand, you don't want to waste time nor risk having the game end early if a column of clouds gets too low and crosses the boundary line.

Grouping drums of a certain colour together will make this much easier to do. As soon as a jewel is created, you can tell if it is going to hit a drum of the same colour or not. If the different colours of drums are all spread out, you'll have a much harder time determining if a jewel will hit a correct drum or not and you will have to wait to see for sure or go ahead and sacrifice the multiplier.

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