Two Products That Will Do Wonders For Man's Best Friend This Winter

If you live in an area with cold climate either year round or seasonally, one thing to consider is how your four-legged companion is dealing with the cold weather.  This article will give you two products that will winter proof your dog's paws ensuring they go through a happy and safe winter.

My dog and I have lived through the Canadian Winters for the past 9 years, with days with temperature feeling close to -20 degrees fahrenheit (around -30 degrees celsius.)  A few years back I noticed that he would lick his paws after walks. 

Initially I thought I didn't do a good enough job of cleaning him, but then I realized that his paws were getting red and they were getting dry. 

Being the worrisome dog owner that I was started to research.

Pawz Dog Boots

Paw Protection

Boots for the Paws

Boots are essential, but probably not for the reason that you would think.  No, we're not trying to make a fashion statement and have our pal look as dapper as possible. 

Rather, when the temperature drops, so does the humidity.

Similar to how dry weather creates dry skin and cracks for us, the dryness can cause cracks in their paws.  What is worse is when the sidewalks are salted, they are literally walking with salt in their cracked paws causing paint and discomfort.  There is nothing worse than seeing your dog whimper and lift up their paws on a peaceful walk.  This also the reason for the paw licking that I mentioned earlier.

One solution would be to buy durable boots for your dogs.  One brand that I've tested with good results were the Pawz Dog Boots. These rubber boots are easy to slip on and they are affordable enough to not have to worry if they do get lost.  They are a quick and easy solution for your dog with sensitive paws.  I have tried and used these in the past and although they look a little goofy at first, the extra grip from the rubber actually helps with  slipping on slippery paths as well. 

Two things to keep in mind about these boots are that you should make sure you have the correct size as they do slip off if your dog starts running fast in the snow and be sure to store them in doors once you are finished your walk.  Due to the type of material, being left out in the cold would reduce it's elasticity.

Affordable Boots for your Dog's Dry Paws

Pawz Red Water-Proof Dog Boot, Small, Up to 2-1/2-Inch
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If you are interested in this product, this is an affiliate link and I do receive a commission based on the sale.

Balm for the Paws

The second solution is to use a topical balm for your dogs paws.  I have also used this on my dog in the past and it has also been quite helpful as it not only provides protection, but it also contains vitamin E which allows for an moisturing element.  One brand that I would recommend is the Musher's Secret brand. 

However, a caveat to this product is that because it worked so well to coat my dogs paws, I noticed I had to wipe off the excess after the walk as I started to notice waxy-paw prints on the hardwood.  This simply shows how much it does protect your dog's paws.  But if you wipe down you dog's paws after the walk this is not really an issue.

Musher's Secret

If you are interested in this product, this is an affiliate link and I do receive a commission based on the sale.

Last Words

So those are two things you can do to winter proof your dog's paws.  All of the links provided are affiliate links, and I do receive commission on any of the sale.  However, if you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly share my first-hand knowledge of these products.

Again if you feel that your dog would benefit from extra winter paw protections please check out both the Pawz Dog Boots and Musher's Secret.

Pawz Dog Boot used from this WInter

A boot that was left out in the cold.  After warming it up in room temperature it was usable again.