Lots of people want to find a legitimate work from home job. There are lots of places that promise you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars by licking stamps, filling out surveys or selling products from home. One option available for those who just want to create a steady income stream via your computer and the Internet is to write book reviews online. It's easy to do, but it's no get-rich-quick scheme, and it will require a lot of work on your part both for the reading and for the writing.

Things You Will Need


Internet Connection

Step 1

Choose a location or two online to host your reviews. Associatedcontent.com is one location that's "pay per click," meaning that for every 1,000 clicks your content receives you will make a buck and change. Other, similar sites are bukisa.com and suite101.com. It's important that you pick a website that you feel comfortable with. You may also want to create and use a Google Adsense account (more can be found on that here http://www.infobarrel.com/How_to_Use_Google_Adsense) so that you can post up your reviews at sites like infobarrel.com or at xomba.com. It boils down to whether you'd rather be paid based on the number of people who read your reviews, or the number of advertisements that are clicked when people read your ads.

Step 2

Post reviews of books at the sites you have become a member of. It's a good idea to make sure you use SEO keywords like "novel" or "book", and that you create good, searchable content (additional information can be found http://www.infobarrel.com/How_to_Create_Good_Content_With_Search_Engine_Optimization_(SEO)) while still writing a good review. It's a good idea to start out writing about more popular authors and latest releases because those will get the most clicks, but once you have a library of reviews up you can start delving into the more obscure because people will be following you as a reviewer and not necessarily just finding you while looking for one favorite author or another.

Step 3

Create backlinks to your articles. What this means is that you should include links to your previous work in new reviews (sort of like how I included links to topical, how-to articles in step one and two). For instance, if you're reviewing a series you could put links to previous reviews throughout the text, such as when mentioning important events that happened in one book or another. You should also create Internet bookmarks, which involve pasting a link to your review onto a site so that people will find that bookmark and then click it to find your content. Some sites where you can create these bookmarks are xomba.com and redgage.com, though there are a number of others. When working from home writing online book reviews your money is going to come from a combination of popular reviews, and from having a large library. What you write is going to generate a revenue stream if you can get people to see what you're doing and your work becomes popular, so make sure that you advertise. Put a link in your online signature, tell your friends and family, or try to get a friend to put up links to your content on their own, personal website.

Tips & Warnings

If you don't have any good things to say about a book, you'd be better off reviewing it on a pay-per-click site. Advertisements based on the review will likely offer the book in question, or other works by the author, and if you're slamming the author then readers aren't likely to be clicking on advertisements much.