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What if you want to quit your nine to five job but your family depends on your paycheck?  Or maybe you like your job but the salary isn’t sufficient for your needs?  A frequent problem for working mothers is that daycare costs can eclipse the benefits of working outside the home.  So what should you do to generate an income?  There are various ways to do so online but first you need to find out what they are.

You can indeed earn money with an online business by providing a service.  You can take what you’re an expert in offline and generate an income by providing that service online.  At first it might be hard to translate your real world experience to a service you can provide online but just think of your past and current work experience and couple that with what you like to do.  Somewhere in all of that is your online income generator.

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Here are some examples of service jobs online that can provide an income:

Ghostwriting: in this position you can write articles, blog posts, speeches, reports, resumes, ebooks, print books, etc.  Basically you are a writer for hire who doesn’t mind if people put their name on your work as long as they pay you well for the privilege.

Virtual Assisting: a virtual assistant’s job description basically depends on the kinds of services you’re willing to offer your clients.  You can offer transcription, typing, writing, researching, emailing, correspondence, phone calls, transcribing, scheduling, backlinking, etc.  The list goes on and can include whatever services you feel comfortable providing a client through the internet.

Graphic Designing: this service can include all kinds of design like logos, newsletters, websites, etc , as well as any combination of design work as graphics packages for internet marketers.

Consulting or Coaching: in this area, you can offer your knowledge and experience to companies specializing in the area you previously worked in.  Some leave their jobs only to consult for the company they just left. 

If you decide to provide a service via the internet, this kind of model means that not only are you doing the work required but that you may have to do so on your clients’ time schedule.  You also need to market yourself online so that you’ll have plenty of clients.  It might be challenging in the beginning but after a while positive word of mouth and repeat clients will bring you steady work without you having to market yourself and, eventually, on your own preferred schedule.

In the beginning you may be a one-person operation and you’ll only be able to earn as much as the work you’re able to get done but in time your business will grow and you can move into a managerial role while bringing in others to do the tasks you previously did on your own.

The work at home service business model is a great place to start as you familiarize yourself with ways to make money online.  Providing a service to clients online can be rewarding when you use your experience and knowledge to fill your clients’ needs and to generate an income on your own terms.