If you like to write, are willing to share your opinions or even just enjoy chatting with people online or sharing your knowledge and expertise, then why not get paid to post? Being a paid forum poster (or forum booster as some sites refer to it) and getting paid to post (ptp) on forums and the occasional blog can be a great way to work from home and earn a little extra money. Though it by no means is going to be a position that makes you rich it is a great way to putting some spending cash in your pocket or bank account.

Though not as widely known as other work at home gigs such as article writing, transcription or call center type work, it is actually quite popular and in demand. Companies hire outside forum posting services to help increase traffic flow to their site and to also help build up threads and content on their sites. This benefits them in several ways - most importantly being how they are listed and ranked in search results, which for most forums and/or blogs is crucial.

What Types of Forums Will You Have To Post On:
What types of paid to post forums do I have to write on? Typically, traffic boosting companies are looking for forum posters who are willing to post to a broad array of subjects which can include but is not limited to the following: health related; pets; travel; food; automotive; computers; shopping; and technology. Even so, many will give you the opportunity to choose which type and how many forums you are comfortable posting on.

Typical Expectations of Paid Posters:
If you are accepted as a paid forum poster typically you will be expected to provide content of a certain length and quality.For the most part as a paid forum poster you are going to be required to have a minimum of 15 to 25 words per post or topic. Easy enough right?

The content of your postings and threads are what is going to be the most important. A company that has been hired and in turn has passed the work onto you will expect a certain level of quality out of each and every one of your posts. Simply jumping onto a forum and saying hello and asking a vague and or unrelated question is not going to fly, they want to see you asking relevant questions or offering up knowledgeable and relevant information so that your content will actually "add" something to the site.

Your material (as with most sites that involve writing) must be your own and not something that is cut and pasted or quoted from somewhere else on the web. On occasion quotes from other sources can be used but those usually require you to cite where the information originally came from and more often then not will not be accepted or counted as a unique post unless the post also contains other unique and original content that came directly from you.

Another point worth mentioning as far as what is to be expected is spelling and grammar. While many sites are open to posters from most countries there is still a basic expectation as to the condition of your work. To help alleviate any of these concerns simply run your postings or blogs through a spell checker before posting them to catch any overlooked errors.

How often you are required or expected to write on any one forum you take on will vary from site to site which makes it important to read through their rules. Some sites say post as little as you want or as often as you want up to a certain extent, however, other sites will expect you to complete a certain amount of posts within a certain time frame and will often limit how many postings a day or week that you can make on any one board or blog. There is, for most sites, no set schedule or limit except for the one you set for yourself.

What to Expect Money Wise and When Will you typically Get Paid:
How much can you make as a paid forum poster? The answer to that depends on a few different things. How many posts are you able to put together in a day? How much time do you have to dedicate to writing? How many different things are you knowledgeable about or are you familiar enough with to write about?

The average forum boosting site pays between 15 and 20 cents per post to their paid forum posters. (If you find a site that pays you to blog you can earn up to $1 per blog entry). Some sites will allow you to take on several different forums at once while others only allow you to take a specific number of jobs.

Payout is also something that is going to vary from site to site. On some sites they only pay after you reach a minimum dollar amount while some payout once a week or once a month. This is something else that you will want to look for when reading the rules and specifications on any forum boosting site that you are looking at joining.

How to Optimize Your Earnings as a Forum Poster:
Try to be open to taking on even a few topics and subjects that you are not familiar with- take advantage of the fact that you work from home and have the ability at your finger tips to look up pertinent information to optimize your earnings.

Dedicate a set number of hours each day or week that you can focus completely on posting. This is beneficial if you push yourself to maintain your schedule as you would do with any regular job and can help you to maximize your earnings. Look into several different sites and don't limit yourself to just one. Read through those that offer paid to post positions and find ones that don't limit you with time constrictions and schedules.

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