If you don't like to fold and cut a wrapping paper for your gift then an easier way of wrapping could be the best option for you. Wrapping a gift in a bag is simpler than wrapping a paper because the bag itself is already a beautiful package.

There are many gift bags that are sold for any occasion that you can select and use inside the malls or any thrift stores. For example, if you plan to thank the people who attended your wedding daythen there are beautiful and personalized wedding gift bags that are appropriate to give for your friends and family. On the other hand, if you're an invited guest on a wedding celebration then there is also a customizable gift bag that you can use.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things you'll need:

  • Colored tissue papers
  • Ribbons
  • Small sharp blade
  • Gift bag
  • Pen
  • A card
  • Embellishments (glitter decorations , decorative buttons or stickers) 

1. Crumple some colored tissue papers and place them at the bottom of the gift bag. This will not only give a lively color when the present will be removed out of the bag but it will also protect the bottom part of your gift. The more crumpled colored tissue papers you'll place inside the bag then the more your gift will be protected especially if it's a breakable product.

2. Place the bag on a flat surface. Wrap your gift with a crumpled pastel or colored tissue paper. Remember that this colored tissue paper that you had chosen will soon match to the paper that will also cover the entire top part of your bag. Put your gift inside the bag then surround it with loads of pastel or brightly colored tissue papers to add life to your presentation inside.

3. Create a colored tissue paper explosion on top of the gift so that it will be enjoyable to see after placing your present inside the bag. With this arrangement, your gift will look wonderful and attractive especially if you'll also consider the correct color combination. For example, if the color of your bag is light green then try to choose brightly colored tissue papers that will match it like yellow, red and blue for the top cover of that particular gift bag.

4. Use curling ribbons curled into ringlets to tie the handles of your bag together. You can also beautify or embellish the handles of the gift bag by wrapping them with ribbons curled into ringlets. To make ringlets, just run a small sharp blade all the way up to the length of the curling ribbon in a smooth and swift motion. The ribbon will immediately curl into ringlets and it will create a lively and spiral look. It will also be nice that the color of your curling ribbon will match the color of your gift bag.

5. Stick a few glitter decorations that will fit for the special occasion to make your gift bag more attractive. There are also decorative buttons and stickers that you can add as embellishments to your gift bag. These cute and beautiful things are usually inexpensive and sometimes on sale at gift stores and craftshops.

6. Attach an elegant looking card on the side of the gift bag. Write a congratulatory note or anything special inside the card to make your gift more personal. Place your card inside the bag on top of the gift so that it can easily be seen once the gift bag will be opened.

Tips & Warning:

A gift bag is also an excellent way to cover any uneven shaped gift. Use more bright colored tissue papers as layers to add glow to your present inside the bag.

You can also tie an assortment of tiny and light-weight decorations to the handles of the gift bag so that they'll swing around outside and creates a unique attractive look.

You'll save time than finding and wrapping a box for your gift. It doesn't need an expensive wrapping paper since it's already decorated outside, and the best part is that it can be recycled and reused many times too. 

Try to go green when wrapping a gift bag. Purchasing a reusable shopping bag to use as a gift bag can help the environment. Make an effort to create a beautiful gift bag by simply decorating that brown shopping bag with colors of paint, or paste beautiful pictures from those magazines that you'll no longer want to keep.

Avoid placing any bow that sticks so hard on your gift bag so that the person whom you'll give it can also utilize it once again. Adding a sticky bow on your present could damage the gift bag as well if it will be removed so it would be nice that your gift bag is free from those things that can prevent it from being recycled and reused.