Wrapping packages cheaply for your Ebay sales increases your profits. Selling your unwanted items on Ebay can earn you some much needed extra money, as well as decluttering your home of items you no longer want, use or need. While buyers do pay for all of the shipping and handling costs, you do not want to overprice this service. If you do, you risk getting your star ranking "dinged" by irate winners and may eventually have Ebay restrict your ability to sell if your score gets too low.

To keep your shipping costs low, you can use materials that you have around your home to efficiently package the items you have sold.

Things You Will Need


Plastic bags


Padded envelopes

Priority Mail boxes and labels

Thick black Sharpie marker

Packing tape bought in bulk

Step 1

First, look around your house for boxes that have not yet been recycled. If you do not have any, go to your local grocery store or big box retailer and ask if they have any boxes in the back. If they tell you that they have been "crushed", ask to take it anyway. All this means is that you have to tape the top and the bottom, instead of just the top.

Do not take any boxes that have held fragrant food or cleaners. This smell will seep into the item during shipping and can cause the item to be returned to you from an upset buyer.

And b sure to remove any labels and tracking codes from the box and cross out any writing on the box.

Step 2

Priority Boxes for ShippingIf you are shipping an item Priority Mail, go to USPS.com and order boxes for free. Your carrier will deliver a bundle of the same kind to you. Order as much as you would like.

You may also order labels for the Priority Boxes from there, too.

Step 3

You will need to carefully cushion fragile items that you are shipping. Reuse the plastic bags from retail stores and fill them with newspaper and surround your item. To get tight corners. you can use the plastic bags that the newspaper comes in and fill them with newspaper.

If you know that you will be selling a lot of fragile items, ask family and friends to save their plastic bags for you.

Always place books you have sold in a plastic bag to prevent weather damage.

Step 4

Padded envelopesIf you receive mail in a padded envelope, save it, as these envelopes can easily be reused. You can place a label made from paper and tape it over your address with clear packing tape. If the item you are mailing is smaller, then you can cut the envelope down, staple shut, and using packing tape over the staples to seal it shut.

Step 5

Purchase Sharpies from the Dollar Store or when they go on sale in office supply stores. You can also purchase padded envelopes and packing tape more cheaply in bulk.

Be sure that everything you have packed does not move around in the box. Moving contents may get damaged during shipping. Go to USPS.com to get packaging and mailing guidelines if you are unsure of how to ship something properly.

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