With 365 days in a year, you can rest assured that some degree of gift wrapping skills will be required in order to make any important holiday, or event, special and memorable. From the inviting atmosphere of a child's birthday, to the much-anticipated arrival of Christmas, poorly wrapped gifts are noticeable a mile away and can put a real damper on any occasion. Whether you struggle with gift wrapping, or you are a seasoned pro conditioned by many a festive event, adhering to the following steps can not only help you to best wrap your gift, but it will also display the utmost amount of care and consideration that you dedicated to making the gift recipient's event a highly memorable one.

At the end of this Info Barrel article, I encourage you to comment on how you choose to wrap gifts. Do you do the steps the same way as portrayed in this article, or do you do things differently?

Things You Will Need

Gift Wrapping Paper
Tape (Not Duct Tape)
a Clean Surface

Step 1

Concentration is critical to effective gift wrapping. Assuming that you did not op for an in-store wrapping option, that is offered by many retailers (either at a price or free of charge), the best way to concentrate on your wrapping and ensure that your final gift product is of utmost quality is to make sure that you are working on a suitable surface. Whether you choose your kitchen table, a bed, or the floor of your living room, this space and surface should be both clean and clutter-free. Loose ends of objects can easily latch onto your wrapping paper, while it is a work-in-progress, and cause an unwelcomed tear that may destine you to have to begin this process all over again.

Step 2

Once you have delineated a clean, clutter-free, and overall suitable working area, you will now want to lay out all your materials and equipment. Namely, your materials will include the following: wrapping paper, scissors, tape, the gift(s) themselves, and any extra ribbons. If you are intending on wrapping a large amount of gifts, you should simply place them within hands reach, without coming too close that they actually interfere with your wrapping of each individual gift.

Step 3

Now that you have a clean surface and all your gifts effectively laid out, you will want to actually prepare the gifts for how you want them to be displayed when the recipient opens them. In this step, you should strongly consider taking off any price tags or labels. While some may overlook a price tag, regardless of the price of the gift, it can oftentimes look tacky to the recipient. When a gift is given altruistically and from the heart, it may be uncomfortable to both you and the recipient to involve the price in any way.

Step 4

Dependent on the size and nature of the gift, you may want to either wrap it up by itself, or you may also want to consider including the gift in a larger cardboard box. Potential candidates for the placement of oddly shaped gifts, or smaller gits, could be a shoebox, or a large or smaller cardboard box. If the gift has an abnormal size and form, using a cardboard box, of some sort, can give your gift formed corners and flat surfaces that would be much more conducive to gift wrapping.

Step 5

In this step, you will lay out your wrapping paper on your flat working surface. Do not yet cut this wrapping paper. Your wrapping paper should be enough to completely cover the gift or box, had you fully wrapped your wrapping paper around it. Accuracy in laying out your paper isn't exactly necessary at least until you go to cut your wrapping paper. Even still, when your wrapping paper fully embraces your gift, you should allow a few inches overlap, for the paper, at the top.

Step 6

Once you have successfully prepared your gift, by removing any price tabs or labels that you would not want for your gift's recipient to see, and rolled out your wrapping paper, you will now place either the gift or the box containing the gift within the confines of your wrapping paper. Once you have determined that you have enough paper to overlap the top of your gift by a few inches, you will now proceed to cut the paper nearest to where it attaches on your wrapping paper roll. Doing this will completely disattach your wrapping paper, from the roll, and it can now be used to wrap your gift.

Step 7

In this step, you will want to check the wrapping paper at the ends of the gift or box. If your remaining flaps are too long, you gift will look awkward just as much as it will if your remaining flaps are too short. Ideally, your remaining flaps should be long enough to cover the box, but short enough to fold over into smooth, presentable, flaps. In this step, you will also want to secure one end of your paper, lengthwise with tape, to the top center of your gift. Doing this will allow you to bring the other end of your wrapping paper to meet, and overlap, the lengthwise side that you just did. Now, secure this side to your gift.

Step 8

Once you have made your first flap, on either side, you will secure a piece of tape and place it on that flap. In this situation, you can either rip off the tape when you reach this point, or you could prepare tape, in advance, that you stick to the side of a table in order for each access when you get to this stage. Either method will work just fine. The actual amount of tape you use will have to be based on common sense concerning whether or not each flap is secured well enough. While you can be liberal with your use of tape, you also don't want for your tape-job to look unprofessional and unappealling. Taping your gift's flaps perpendicular to how the flaps actually lay against your gift can be the best way to tape a gift.

Step 9

When your gift is completely taped, you can now proceed to wrap a long piece of ribbon around your gift lengthwise. At the lengthwise seam you just created, you can now twist the ribbon to wrap it around the box width-wise. Now, you can tie the ribbon into a bow and place a card underneath the ribbon. You may also consider purchasing "Sender/Recipient" stickers, that you can place directly on your gift, and fill out with all the necessary pertinent information. Accompanying your recipient's name, if there is enough room, you can also add special personalized notes that the person will enjoy regardless of the occasion.


Tips & Warnings

If you live with the person who will be the recipient of your gift, you should try your hardest to either plan a time for your gift wrapping while they are not actually home, or do it rather stealthy in an area or room where they are not in and have no intent of visiting.

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