Content Quality Writing, SEO and Adsense

Google: Made With the User in Mind

Users react to perceived benefit that in turn increases the chance for profit.  New algorithms go for relevance.  If it truly appeals to the users, it will increase their time on the site.


Like cholesterol, there is good and bad SEO. The bad one ruins your keyword density overdoing it.  Good SEO is confined by relevance. If you need to repeat something because the context requires it, then do so, but when is done violating a natural train of thought mainly for commercial purposes, kindly refrain.

Good content drives good keywords and natural SEO. One of the ways you can ensure good content is by making an outline before you log in.

User time on site increases the chance he will actually feel compelled to visit sponsors and become a customer.  Content is key.


The more readers you attract to the site for an average longer period of time (over three minutes for article reading) the greater the probability of them really buying in, or increasing your click through rate (CTR) the percentage of readers that actually click on ads.

But if you don't give your readers a good reason to stay.  Why stay and linger when there is so much to see in the World Wide Web?

The Secret to 1000 Word Articles is an Outline

This article is based on an outline.  This is point A under Part II of the outline for this article.

Benefits of an Outline

1. Reflects Structured, Reliable Thinking-  An outline helps the writer keep within the boundaries of the subject instead of ramble. When you force yourself to give just the facts you increase the chance that most of your audience will stay on your site for a longer period.

2. Helps Brainstorming- When you write your outline and state your topics, other ideas come up that might need some research.  Listing these ideas on paper creates the solid foundation for a good content article.

How to Make an Outline

Start out by writing the article title and the summary directly into InfoBarrel.  That way you make sure the title is available and get a heads up with the summary.  Then align your outline using the following format: (This is part of the outline used to create this article).

Outline Example

Title: Write 1000 Articles Every Time

I. Content Quality Writing, SEO and Adsense

A. Google

1. User will react...

2. New algorithms...


1. Good

2. Bad

II. The Secret

...and so on.

Research Fills in the Outline Blanks

Follow this Recipe for Good Content

In order to effectively gather your researched information do the following:

1. Get 5x7 Cards- Grab about ten index cards. Number them one through ten on the upper right corner.

2. Title each card according to the specified topics in the outline or those subjects you feel you will need to gather more information.

3. Classify as you go- As you are doing your research, take your notes in the corresponding card.  Write any relevant references on the back of the card. For IB purposes, you need not only the title but the publishing house, city and the year of publication (not the year the book was originally published, but the edition year) and of course the name of the author(s).

4. Take CLEAR notes- Do not get caught up in the anxiety of getting all the information as fast as possible to later find out you barely understand your own handwriting.  Walk the path once.

Why rely on paper?

Even if you have two laptops, taking notes using this method is more effective than clicking on windows and tabs back and forth. Taking notes and classifying them as you go under their topic or sub topic speeds up your article production.

5. Reorder the cards numerically- Get ready for steady data entry.

6. Cross or mark with an X those cards that you finished.

7. Proofread, edit and save.

Have fun with your images.  Will not get into details about images, enough to say to also keep them relevant, give proper credit, and place them in such a way they add to the narrative flow.

Some last words are never overrated although not always necessary.  A conclusion seals the conveyed message and, in the case of informative articles like this one, it sums up the information given for the benefit of the reader.

These guidelines will make it impossible to produce anything less than 1000 word articles, unless you intentionally tone it down by including less research, (the case here). Brainstorming directed by a proper outline and classifying research and notes as you go, guarantees a steady production and good quality content.

Now go get those bonus points!

Outline Sample

Don't Start Writing Without It!