eHow articles 2300 eHow articles in 3 months—that sounds impossible right? Sure it takes plenty of determination and even some spare time, but there isn't any reason the average person can't obtain or be well on their way to 300 eHow articles in 3 months.

Things You Will Need


eHow account

Step 1

Before you begin to write any eHow articles, read some eHow articles. I recommend picking your favorite search engine and typing in "eHow experiment." There are plenty of examples of average people (myself included) who can make a decent monthly income from doing nothing at all!

Step 2

Once you have a monetary motivation, you can begin to plan your 300 eHow articles. If you write 4 a day everyday for 3 months, you will have 360 articles. So to achieve the goal of 300 eHow articles in 3 months you will need to write somewhere in between 3-4 everyday.

Step 3

Writing 3-4 articles everyday sounds pretty difficult, but it's not too bad if you think about it. Before you go to work everyday you can probably shoot off 2-3, and then write another one or maybe two before you go to bed. If you figure each article takes about 15-30 minutes to write, that's only a few hours a day—a few hours that you know will pay off in the long run.

Step 4

Don't get discouraged if you start to fall behind your goal—I fell behind my goals many times. Set aside a nice chunk of time one day to write a big block of articles. Find an idea and write all about that idea. Say for example you chose crayons, you might write an article on how to make, color with, select, get a good deal on, unwrap, or make homemade crayons. With these ideas you should be able to pull through about 7-8 articles and get a little closer to your goal.

Step 5

Always be looking for ideas. If you want to write 300 Ehow articles in 3 months, you will need plenty of ideas. Take a pen and notepad around with you and write down things you do everyday, or things you know something about. If you are desperate for ideas, try filling an eHow assignment or reading up on other articles until you find a great idea.

Step 6

The most important thing is not to give up. Remind yourself of the monetary reward, as this seems to motivate most people (besides all the friendships and knowledge you will gain). You can expect each well written article to earn at least .50 cents a month when you average it all out, so just keep trucking through!

At times your brain will feel fried, and you think you have nothing more to give to the online community, take a break and walk around. Take a few days off, and then come back with twice as many ideas. You know what they say, nothing worthwhile is easy!

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