Descriptive essays usually focus only on one subject but with every detail on various aspects in the related context. The main purpose of this type of essay is to enlighten the readers on a specific topic and at the same time making them to engage in and feel the piece. There are several types of information that you should include in your essay such as:

1. The basic definition of your essay. You will need to discuss the subject that you have chosen for your essay writing briefly to ensure that the readers know what the issue is.

2. You are advised to list down pieces of information that you would like to include in your writing. Make sure that it is related to the topic that you have in mind. Since it is quite impossible for every facet to be fitted into a piece. Therefore, you will need to choose the best points that when discussed, will be able to create a very clear picture for the readers.

3. The goal of writing descriptive essay is to create a very clear image to the readers of the piece you wrote. Ask yourself:

a. What makes every detail important?

b. What are your impressions?

c. Characteristics of that particular people or object or environment

d. What are the most suitable adjectives that you can use to describe it?

e. How does it make you and your readers feel?

f. Anything else that you can use to compare with that particular detail?

4. You are advised to use a clear language. Follow the writing guidelines and double check on your spelling and grammar. One of the common pitfalls is that one uses excessive adjective words and also adverbs. Therefore, remind yourself regarding this matter so that you do not repeat the mistake.