In this article you will be learning how to write a great narrative essay. this will wow your teachers and will be completely your work. this is the quick and easy way to do this.

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Things You Will Need

You will need
1) some writing materials (computer/ paper pen/pencil)
2) extra paper (for Brain Storming)
3) your brain :)

Step 1

know what you have to write about. If you don't know what you're talking about you will not get a good grade on your work. if you have to research the topic and be sure you know enough to get you through the length of your paper. For example you have to watch a movie and write about it. make sure you look at the movie with open eyes. meaning you take in as much as possible like Plot, Setting Meaning to you stuff like that. The same theory works well with books also

Step 2

This means put everything you are going to say, everything you think you might say and even stuff you don't even think you're gonna say because you ant to make sure you have enough material to get you through your paper. put these in any order you want just jot down stuff be sure you can read it though it dosen't have to be perfect but make sure you can read it afterward because you may need to go back to it to get more ideas if what you chose from it wasn't enough.

Step 3

Organize your brain storming in a flow that you would want your paper to go in. it could be as simple as writing numbers next to the factoid that you had wrote. You don't even have to re-write anything just put numbers. If you are doing paragraphs you can put different shapes to represent the different paragraphs, such as Triangle id paragraph 1, Square is paragraph 2, and Circle is paragraph 3. then you can put numbers next to the factoid alongside the shape.

Step 4

Your rough draft is very important. This is the basic set up of how your paper will look in the end. Every thing will be in order and it could be almost perfect. your rough draft is where you still have time to change your ideas for your essay and assess how long it will be and decide on if it will be long enough.

Step 5

Now this is the perfect one you have to make sure this one is the one you want the teacher to see. That means that it has to have perfect spelling, grammar structure all of that or else all of your work is pointless because some teachers grade heavily on structure. If you're writing it by hand MAKE SURE IT IS LEGIBLE TO OTHER PEOPLE!! this is very important because if they cant read it you will get an F. If your teacher is on the older side or reads with glasses or even if you suspect that they can't see well write better you can even find an older person and see if they can read it.
Now that you're done put your papers together nice and neat and give them to your teacher they will be surprised at your work :)

Tips & Warnings

1) turn it in on time
2) Make sure you know what format you have to write your paper in
3) know your teacher get to know what they like in a paper and add them to your steps
4) be confident and do well :)