Being able to type out your articles quickly is one way of rapidly increasing your monthly earnings with web sites such as info barrel. There are many things you can do to increase the number of articles you can write in a day.

I will list if you strategies and tips of things that you can do that may or may not be able to help you out. Each person is different, but if you can implement a few the strategies that you felt comfortable with and they seem to work for you then you'll soon be pumping out articles as fast as AJ Walton .


When typing out articles the keyboard is the most important tool that you have. You need a keyboard that you feel comfortable with and allows you to type faster. If you have large hands in an hammerhead thumbs then you may struggle to accurately type with a small keyboard. By purchasing a larger keyboard that you feel comfortable with it will cut down drastically on your editing time and allow you to type out more articles say you can earn more money.

Old School KeyboardIf you're like me and prefer to use laptop computers they decide what is your main function of the laptop to be used for. Do you want a high quality high tech laptop they can be used for gaming, or is your main function to use your laptop to research and write articles out for Info Barrel? If you truly want to build up a large residual income using info barrel then you're prefers should be on purchasing a laptop that will allow you to type out articles faster.

When looking to purchase a laptop for writing articles you need to concentrate on the keyboard. Most people can adapt to A particular keyboard and use it fluently, yet if you have really large hands then you may struggle with the tiny note a book keyboard.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 11Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking works better than the voice to text software that may be billed into your computer. When you properly train Dragon Naturally Speaking to your commands, then you would only simply speak into a microphone in your words will appear on the screen. Once you adjust to using your Dragon Naturally Speaking voice to text software you can greatly enhance your efficiency in speed and be able to create a lot more articles in a lot less time than typing manually.

No look keyboarding

If you chicken peck your keyboard when you write articles then you may need to learn the traditional way of typing wall not having to look it the keys. I myself chicken peck sometimes when I can do it extremely quickly. It is not the time and effort required to learn a new method of typing. For some people though, it may be very beneficial to learn how to type 80 plus some words per minute without ever looking at the keyboard. If you are in high school or college and have the option of taking the typing course then that may be an option for you.

Writer's block

There are numerous methods for people to always overcome writer's block. If you suffer from writer's block during the writing session then you need to force yourself to simply start writing anything that may come to your mind. As you begin to ramble on, and various works you have typed in can trigger an idea for a new article. At this point you begin a fresh article on the idea that you just gained from ramble writing.

Research Time

If you spend hours and hours of research for a single 500 word article that you may never get rich writing for info Barrel. Research is extremely important so when you do research may get benefit your time by writing multiple articles within the same niche that you performed the research on.

Another great way to cut down or even cut out research time entirely is to write about topics that you're extremely familiar with. If you read a lot of articles about topics it you're familiar with then you can soon find your portfolio of articles on Info Barrel growing rapidly each and every single day.

In the Zone

When you find yourself in a writing zone in the words are just flowing out, and your mind is telling you quality thoughts faster than you can type them in then continue to write. When you are in the zone you do not want to take a break. When you're in the zone you do not want to take the time to publish the article on Info Barrel. Save you articles to publish a later when you may be struggling to come up with new article ideas.

Writing schedule

Many professional novel writers force themselves to write for a certain amount of time each day. If you set up a set time each day to write in steak with that time each and every day regardless of what is going on in your life you will soon find that your article content writing has been stepped up a notch as you bust out multiple articles each day.

Many people have trouble sticking to a set writing schedule because of life, kids, jobs, and numerous other distractions. Even if you cannot stick to a set writing schedule you sit still focus on writing at least 2 to 3 articles each and every day for Info Barrel. The time to write these articles does not have to be all of once. You may find yourself writing an article before the kids get up in the morning, then write one during your lunch break at work, and then writing one before you go to bed. Regardless of when you write your articles you need to remain consistent with your writing a continually pump out new articles.

Smart phone

As portable is my laptop is I cannot always take it with me. Even when I do have a with me I may only have a few minutes to type and by the time I get my laptop powered up it may be time to turn it back off. And recently began using a Droid based LG ALLY smart phone. One of the apps that I have found very useful is Called "My Writing Spot".

"My Writing Spot" allows me to write articles on my QWERTY keyboard on my phone and then send it to my Gmail where I can then copy and paste the article into my word program, edit it, and then publish it on Info Barrel. If I am traveling by car I can easily work on new articles and I have actually got pretty quick and typing on the keyboard on my smart phone.