Writing blog posts is easy. Writing blog posts that stand out enough from all the other blog posts out there and draw in readers is a lot more difficult. Being a blog author can be a creative outlet or even a way to make money. It can be difficult to build up a readership. Here is how to be a blog author that people will actually want to read.

Give stuff away. People love freebies. Find interesting DVDs or books that relate to your blog. You can get hundreds of comments this way. Plus, people will be more likely to subscribe in hopes that you run contests in the future. It's also a nice way to thank your readers. You don't need a lot of money for giveaways. You can offer up DVDs that you don't watch anymore.

Appreciate your comments. There are a lot of blogs out there & someone took the time out to comment on yours. Thank them by returning the comment if they have a blog. You can exchange links or just write a few genuine words. Become part of the do follow movement so your regular readers get a little link juice. Install plugins so you can easily reply to your readers. This will form relationships and keep your visitors coming back for more.

Post regularly. Your readers may forget that you are around if you just post every few months. This keeps them updated on your life & reminds them that they love you. If you don't blog for several weeks then you may run the risk of your subscriber's just removing you from their feed readers. You also run the risk of overwhelming your readers if you post several times a day. You can always save some of your posts in draft mode and then publish them on days when you don't have time to write.

Be yourself. With the millions of blogs out there, it can seem impossible to stand out. Most of the famous bloggers all have a gimmick, like funny hair or interesting parenting stories. Instead of imitating them, be who you are, because not even the biggest names in blogging can be you. It's important though to draw a line between your personal life and your blogging world.

Don't forget about your other life. It may be tempting to use your everyday life as writing fodder, which is fine. Just remember that your friends & family may come across your blog. Only use their pictures & stories with their permission. You don't want to embarrass your family members or friends on the blog. Some bloggers get around this just by using nicknames in stories but you want to ensure that your loved ones know they are being blogged about beforehand so they don't feel betrayed later on.

Be real. It's easy to airbrush over all of your mistakes in your writing. This can seem overbearing. If you aren't happy, don't act like you are. People will appreciate you being genuine & relate to your struggle. Just be careful about how much personal information you share. If you are struggling with a problem or relationship odds are that someone else is too. Being a genuine blog writer ensures that you are offering value and substance to the blogosphere instead of just rewriting what professional bloggers have said.

Be fair. In the blogging world some people may like you & some people may be out to start fights. When you receive a negative comment, ignore it & try to learn from the criticism instead of getting into a rumble that may drive your other readers away. You can overcome negative comments by having a comment policy or just not responding to hateful posts. You want to give everyone a voice as long as they are respectful even if they don't agree with you.

When you write blogs you should have a defined purpose. This will allow you to become an expert on your chosen topic. If you can't settle on a defined niche then think of your ideal demographic. If you are all over the place in your topics your blog will probably be seen as more of a hobby then a serious blog that makes money. However, a few bloggers have had success by catering to all the different tastes of certain demographics. You might also have a few trial and error blogs where there isn't enough to write on about the topic or the keyword tools mislead you and there really isn't any traffic for a certain niche.

Don't forget about that nasty thing called SEO. This includes making your posts long enough and substantial enough that they'll gain momentum with link building. It's not enough to be witty and meaningful you will also need to pay attention to the basic rules of search engine optimization for blogs. If you are really serious about blogging you won't just put up a post about anything you feel like writing about and hope that someone somewhere is going to promote it for you. First off you need to start off with your research so you have basic knowledge of seo and keyword research. You need to base your blog post around the keyword but this doesn't mean that you can't add in your personality as well. You'll also want to promote and link to your article from other sites. SEO isn't one of the most exciting parts of blogging. It's time consuming and you'll probably be wondering if you can make it big without it because it feels like drudgery. You might want to schedule some time for the "not so fun" blogging practices everyday so you get in the habit but there is still an end to the drudgery in sight.

When you know how to write a blog you can share your thoughts with people from all over the world or use it as a way to bring in extra cash. Once you really get the hang of writing and optimization you'll find that the process is quicker and easier and you can replicate it across as many blogs and niches as you have time for to maximize profits.