Learn How To Write Content That Makes Money

Writing content that makes money is not difficult, it takes a little research into the topic you want to write about and the keywords you want to target for search results. You need to learn how to write content that makes money

This article is a good guide for anyone who is a beginner to SEO and focuses on, on-page SEO for content, the on page optimization of your content should be a balance of two things, readability for your visitors and readability for search engines.

To make money writing your content needs to appeal to visitors and it also needs to tell search engines exactly what your page is about. Getting the balance right is important.

Picking a Title for your Content

You need to pick a title that stands out to readers, you also need to pick a title that stands out in search results. You want people to click on your title and be brought to your content and your ads or the product you are hoping to sell.

You also need to consider the keywords you use in your title, the keywords you use are the terms the search engines will pick up and are what decides what search terms you will be ranked for.

Titles do not have to be amazing or funny to stand out, they need to be informative, you want to make money with your content so you need to let your potential readers know in one short sentence exactly what they are going to get if they click on your title.

The First Paragraph is Important

You have already told the search engines what your content is about in your title, now you need to confirm it in your first paragraph. Ideally you should use the main keyword you have chosen for your page in the first paragraph. You should also put this keyword in bold, putting a word in bold stresses to google and other search engines that this word is important in relation to your topic.

Search engines take note of bolded words, so use them where appropiate and bold your main keyword at least once (but not every mention of it) ideally in the first or last paragraph.

Your Content

The remainder of your content should be focused on delivering the information your title has suggested, you can use your keyword or related keywords again in the body of your content, where they would naturally appear, overuse of your keywords appears spammy and will not make good reading either. Write naturally and for your readers, give them the information they were looking for. The longer you can keep them on your page the more likely they will be to look around at your products and ads. That is how you will make money with your content.

Google loves content, you may have heard people saying "content is king" and while this is partially true, SEO should not be neglected when writing. For many people simply writing about their chosen topic means their keyword will be referred to often, but many make the mistake of not targeting their keywords correctly.

Using your Keywords in your Content

The general guide to using your keywords is to pick a main keyword and use that keyword in:

Your URL

Your page title

The first paragraph (in bold)

And the last paragraph

You can also pick some supporting keywords, words that are closely related to your main keyword, these words should appear throughout your content, where they fit naturally. These words reinforce the topic you are writing about for the search engines and also give you extra longtail keywords you may be able to rank for easily.

Using your Keywords in your Links

Google also takes into account the words you use to describe any links on your page, if you are linking to another of your pages on a related topic, find a common keyword that relates to your current content and the content you are linking to. This is anchored linking.

Your Closing Paragraph

Your closing paragraph is your last chance to remind the search engines of your keywords, make sure you do! You want your last sentence to say "this is what I have written and where I want it placed in your index. It is an easy reminder you can do it simply by adding a sentence or two with your main keyword at the very end.

I hope this article has helped to provided you with a better understanding of how to write content that makes money