If you want to make some serious money as a writer, you need to know how to write faster.

I'm not saying that quantity is more important than quality, because it's not. What I'm saying is that you need to write good articles in the shortest amount of time.

And this is hard for perfectionist freelancers like me. Sometimes I have to translate texts against the clock, or write articles in my non-native language (like I'm doing now) that require more time to review.

I have to say that I'm not completely cured, I still have to focus on my goals and remind myself of my priorities. Sometimes, you need to take some time to clear your head and remember just that.

Now, this is the mindset that works for me...

You need to be aware that you run a business

It doesn't matter if you write in your spare time after work. You want to make some money, don't you? Then, treat it like a business.

You can't simply spend hours and hours doing something. Because there are so much things to do, you know? Important stuff like bring more money home or spend some quality time with your family. If we give ourselves eight hours to write an article, you can be sure that this is the time you are going to spend writing.

You need to plan your business day ahead. I mean, if your goal is to publish three articles per day on Infobarrel, go and schedule some time for each article.

Accept the idea that a one-hour article won't probably be as good as a eight-hours article and be okay with it

And press publish.

It takes some guts, I know. But think about what you prefer. Do you want to write a decent article and keep doing important stuff, or spend eight hours satisfying your obsessive needs (reinforcing your perfectionism) to craft the most perfect article in the world?

Yes. Obsessive needs. That is, what you consider necessary to do but it's not necessary at all. Remember, you need to pay the bills, right?

After eight tedious hours writing, what happens with your motivation? Exactly. Your motivation is going to dump you, because you are boring! Boo. You have to treat motivation like a pretty girl on a date. Pretty girls don't want to date with boring boys.

Your article could be better, yes. The thing is that always could be better. I mean, every day you look at your article you're going to find other ways of saying things, you are going to find one more mistake.

Allow yourself to be wrong

And let learning take place in your life as it is, a natural process which implies to be wrong sometimes.

In fact, repeat to yourself: "I want to be wrong!" (this could be like shock therapy for some of you, I can relate). Seriously, what is the worst thing that could happen? Ah, yes, well, maybe all the Internet is going to laugh at you! That is always a possibility.

Remind yourself of your goals and what matter the most to you, plan your day and stick with your planning. This is not about learning to write perfect articles. This is about learning to write the best articles you can write in the time you got!

Time is my preciousPlease, learn to value your time as your most precious treasure.

If you don't make it in the allowed time. Stop writing and teach yourself a lesson. You have to tell your little know-all perfectionist inside that you are deadly serious about your time. No time means no time. Just save your article for another time slot, because right now you have more important things to do.

Clear your head

Most of the time, you take so much time in finishing your articles because you are thinking what to say.

In fact, if you want to know how to write faster you should know exactly what you're going to write from the very moment you start. Take some time to organize your thoughts before writing. These are two totally different processes.

And finally, forget for a moment article writing and think about applying some of these basics to your life.