Many budding freelance writers on the web learn their craft by trial and error and many get disillusioned along the way and give-up. Those that persevere often revisit their earlier content after their first 12-18 months and wish they had known then what they know now so that they could have started making serious money earlier.

The book "How to Write Great Copy for the Web" is designed to fast track you so that you won't make simple mistakes and for less than $20 is one of the best investments you can make if you plan to make money from writing on the web. Whether you are just starting out or have already started a writing career but want to reach a higher level this book can help.

The Author of How to Write Copy for the Web

The author Donna Spencer is an Australian freelance writer who has had success in several fields. The book "How to Write Great Copy for the Web" can be used as a step-by-step guide and is full of practical and useful information to establish yourself as a web writer or copy writer.

The author explains why writing for the web needs a different approach than writing for print or other mediums and illustrates her point by describing the result of eye-tracking studies and how web users skip and scan information rather than reading line by line. She leads you through the elements of a page and explains how to optimize the reading experience.

Learn About Web Copy and Persuasive Writing

The different sections of the book include a wealth of information such as the different kinds of web page copy with examples of real websites so you can see what should go on the Home Page, About Us page and all the other components of a normal website. The author explains the difference between writing in first person, second person and third person and how to write original copy that doesn't appear to be biased.Book Cover (27050)

Good copywriters know how to persuade readers to become buyers of products and services, and persuasive writing is covered in depth. This is useful for those who want to become affiliate marketers as well as those who are writing for clients. The author shows how to write for your audience so that sales will be made and to write copy that is emotive but doesn't turn into those 20 pages sales letters that are everywhere on the internet.

Learn SEO and Call to Action Techniques

Good web copy needs a "Call to Action" and the author shows you not only how to write a good call to action that will help the reader act on what you wrote but will also show you where to place the call to action for maximum effect. This is essential knowledge for those who want to focus on copywriting in their web career. Copywriting is one of the more highly paid fields of web content writing so this is very useful stuff indeed.

The book covers search engine optimization (SEO) techniques which is the methods used to ensure your work ranks highly in search results. Most users don't go beyond page 2 of search engine results unless they are looking for something highly specific so every writer needs to know at least the basics of SEO.

If you are about to join the writing community on the web or you want to be more successful with your writing then How to Write Great Copy for the Web is the book for you. You can buy it as a paperback or can download it immediately for just $15 and start reading it now! It really is possible to make an income by writing for the web and you can do it from anywhere. Why not take that first step now.