Free Online Wanted Ads are so Easy to Place

You can find incredible deals using free wanted ads.  The advantage to placing on line want ads is there is no immediate competition.  Many sellers are shy, awkward or just too busy, and want to deal with only one person instead of a line tire-kickers replying to a for sale ad.

When the sellers reply, you are in the driving seat.  When you reply a local for sale ad on Kijiji, you often have to be there within the hour if it’s a high demand item at a great price.  When someone replies to your online want ads, you have the luxury of time and seeing the item at your convenience.

The best online wanted ads have:

  1. A photograph.  Find a digital photograph of the item you’re looking for or something similar if you can.  Ads on Kijiji with photographs have way more views than ads without.

  2. A rough description of the article you’re looking for with preferred models, styles, shapes, sizes.

  3. A list of possible brand names will also attract attention and more views.

  4. Make sure you list acceptable condition for the item - brand new, slightly rusty or just usable.

  5. Also the approximate distance you’re willing to travel in time, distance or towns.

  6. This works best when you can appear and actually be flexible in the item’s condition, age, size and brand.   You will get more choice from more replies and people thinking “why not try it and see?”  If someone has a newer item and they know you are expecting or happy with something more worn, “less fancy” you may get it for a lower price.

  7. Never list the price you’re willing to pay because any replies you have will be for that exact amount, no lower.  By not committing to a price you will be surprised by how little some people are happy to sell their used item for.  Get an idea of their asking price through emails or correspondence before you go to look.  Remember you are in control.

By doing the wanted ads this way, you will get some replies for items available at unacceptably high prices.  If you explain in your reply that you’re just looking for the item for whatever reason and in no hurry, or you were hoping to pay much less, sometimes they will come back with a low offer.  It is often better to wait for other lower offers.  Free online want ads cost you nothing but time, so if you are not in a rush this is a great way to get the item at a bargain price

Sellers that reply to classified want ads are often quite prepared to send pictures of their item, especially if they know you have some distance to travel.  They can be willing to accept a lower selling price for an item that has been sitting around and they have a chance of selling quickly to you.  Try placing free local want ads online on Kijiji, Backpage or Craigslist or other free classifieds and see how it works for an item you have been planning to buy for a while!