Write Chart Topping Lyrics and Songs

Breaking into the music business is often challenging. However, you can find different avenues to become a complete success. Songwriting is a very lucrative profession if you have the ability to write hit songs and lyrics. Even if you are not born with such a talent, you can learn it by taking a few courses or by reading the right books. Once you get the mechanics of it, the rest will come naturally to you. Music is an art and writing hit lyrics and songs is just a necessary part of that art form.

A hit song is less than 2 and a half minutes long, says Molly Ann Leikin, author of "How to Write A Hit Song: The Complete Guide to Writing and Marketing Chart-topping Lyrics and Music, every hit has a musical or lyrical pattern that repeats, she continues.

The Theme

Describe the theme of the song in the first sentence. You should immediately let your audience know what the song is about. Repeat the theme constantly throughout the song to keep the your focus. Avoid using clichés, the song should be natural and be written in your natural speaking pattern. Write about things that mean something to you. Some of the most unforgettable songs were/are about love, marriage and divorce, heartbreak, money and other thing that mean something to us in our daily lives. These are subjects that people have in common across social and economic lines.

Construct your Melody

Most hit songs are 32 bars long, says Leikin, and you should get to the hook within twenty-five seconds. Keep your introduction short and the music of the verse to about twenty-five seconds. Think of music in terms of color if you are not a trained musicians to avoid confusing technical terms.


Rhyming helps the listener to remember the theme and meaning of the song. Many of us remember the use of rhyming when we learned our "ABC's" and "123's" but don't really pay attention to this useful tool in other aspects of our lives. Where your rhymes come in your lyrics, is up to you-this is where your creativity comes in.

The Title

Come up with the title after your write the hit lyric. Make sure the title is catchy so that people can easily remember it. The title of the song is paramount to the song's success, the more unique the title of the song, the better.

Study others

Study other hit lyrics and songs. Learn what made them a success and do it on your own. Look at the theme, the title, the rhymes, the bridge and the melody and see how you can improve upon what they have done. Writing hit lyrics and songs is possible, remember, those who are on top of the charts today were in your shoes yesterday.

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