There are times in life that one really has to go for a certain goal and sometimes this means going well beyond what you thought you were able to do. If you have been reading the latest articles on the Infobarrel contest and keep an eye on who is going to win it this month, you are probably aware that it is going to be a close call and that competition is looking fierce right now.

I thought of giving up earlier on today seeing that I needed at least another 5 long articles to break even with the writer on the top place but after thinking about all the articles I have written and seeing how far I had already gotten this content, I just had to give it a go.

It is a long shot because I am way behind still and have absolutely no clue as to how much he will be publishing before the end of this day, plus I am running with a little disadvantage, having shown my cards and being on a different time zone. But hey, what does not kill you can only make you stronger. The comment though kind of ticked me off and gave me that last push that I needed to make up my mind on whether I should throw in the towel or not.

So the goal I am going to set for the next 12 hours is to write as much content I can possibly stomach, taking in mind that it is already 5PM over here and I will also need time to check the content, come up with more keywords and publish the content. I am hoping to be able to write another 12 articles and publish them before the deadline in order for them to count, but apart from just writing the articles, they need to be valuable to me in the future. I mean, it is easy to just write about nothing and fluff up in order to meet word count and the more I am writing, the easier the typing gets. However, I don´t want all this effort to be worth nothing in the future.

So I decided to make the rest of my articles on things I really know about in order to get the maximum writing opportunity possible plus be able to do something usefull with those articles in the future. Either link them to my sites or use them to place affiliate links. It is already too late to do more keyword research so the articles will just have to be informative enough to be of any value, but this whole experience will be a good test of stamina and I am sure it will give me a nice push when it comes to setting writing goals in the future.

As to what can be done to increase the amount of articles you write, I have a few tips:

Make sure the environment you are working in is insprirational enough to get you going, but not that inspirational that it will continuously distract you. For me there are two working areas that are most productive for me. One is a totally cleared desk with nothing but my laptop in front of me and the other, weird enough, is the couch in my living room, in front of the TV.

Depending on the mood I am in and depending on the topic I have to write about, either one of these is my perfect workarea, but it is important for you to do some testing and find the work area that works best for you. I like having the TV on when I am writing, even though I hardly ever pay attention to what is going on, it is a nice way to close myself off for the outside world. The noise is just about enough to no pay attention to other noises around me and it is mostly not interesting enough to really get distracted.

Another thing that is important if you want to write a lot of articles in a shorter period of time, is to thoroughly know the topic you are to write about. If you really know your topic it is a lot easier to write and explain things. Plus, chances are that you are more passionate about the topic you are going to write about, making it again easier to write several articles in a row without having to find more inspiration.

What I have found really helpful are a few tools that have really improved my productivity levels. First of all is a web based tool called Worktracker on the Keyword Academy. This web application allows you to track the amount of words you publish daily. It is really simple and all it does is show you a graphic of the amount you have been publishing iall over the web each day, but it is fun to see the graphic and your weekly and monthly averages.

What makes it more inspiring though is the fact that you can actually share your wordcount with other members, and as you might already have experienced yourself, being accountable does give you that extra little push, as if somebody were personally challenging you.

The other tool is my Write or Die application that I have grown to love these past weeks. No matter how simple it seems, it is perfect to just write, because it does nothing but spur you on and warn you if you do not write enough or when you stop writing for too long when thinking about the next sentence to write.

The last thing I feel is important to increase the amount of articles on can write a day is the ability to type fast. Fortunately my parents insisted on me going to those boring typing classes many years ago but I can now honestly say that it really pays of to be able to write with 10 fingers without having to look at the keybord the whole time.

This is especially perfect if you have a mind that is filled with all these great ideas and sentences because it will allow you to actually type in almost the same speed as you would talk. I would really love to hear though about more ways to increase the amount of articles one can write a day, because it would really help my online earning potential.