Learning how to write online for money is a simple, but possibly time-consuming task. In order to make the most money on content, the writer must put in the time to learn techniques including keyword usage, promotion, and writing in a way anybody can understand. Find tips on how to write online for money:

Things You Will Need

  • time
  • good grammar skills
  • a willingness to learn

Step 1

Realize much time and research is involved in order to make the most money. Sure, you can write what you know, as the old adage goes, but writing for the sake of writing won't necessarily make money. In other words, there is more to content writing than simply the words themselves. Also realize quantity is not the answer to making more money. A good portfolio is important to making more money, but quality is much more important than quantity. Write articles the average searcher will actually want to read: unique, informative, and well optimized articles are the key to making money online.

Step 2

Sign up to a couple of writing sites: eHow and Bukisa are good sites to use to write online for money. Of coarse, InfoBarrel is an excellent site to write for. InfoBarrel is quickly gaining popularity with search engines and has a very lucrative pay scale: base pay is 75% of Adsense revenue. InfoBarrel has an excellent forum area where a newbie can learn to write very well on topics that are popular. One important tip for the beginner is to not spread themselves too thin. There are at least ten well-known sites that will pay writers to write content for them, but signing up for all of them all at once won't do the writer any good. In fact, if a content writer applies to write at a site and does not have a good portfolio in place, the site may reject the application. As time goes on and the writer builds a quality portfolio, it is a good idea to diversify sites the online writer adds content to, as it is never a good idea to write exclusively for one site once a decent content library has been built up.

Step 3

Research. Understand search engine optimization, keyword usage, and how to draw traffic to the articles. Learning how to use Google's Adwords tool is a good place to start researching usefulness and cost per click for key words. Promotion can play an important role in ranking well in search engines, but be advised not to waste too much time on promotion and allow organic search to place articles well on search engines. Experience is not necessarily a prerequisite for writing online for money. With enough time and research done, anyone can make money writing online on a myriad of different writing sites. (InfoBarrel is one of the best!)

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