Colleges and universities across the U.S. require people who want to become students to complete the institution’s admission process.  For some this entails completing a simple, one-page application while others require letters of recommendation, personal essays and interviews.  Students often struggle with drafting their personal essay since most colleges only provide minimal guidelines.  To ensure their application ranks at the top, it’s important for students to know how to write personal essays for college.


Talk to an admission’s representative.  Find out the weight of the personal essay in regards to the other documents you submit with your application.  Get recommendations on information to include as well as what topics should be avoided. 


Detail your college and career goals.  Explain your interest in attending the school to which you are applying along with information about what you plan to major in.  Describe how attending the institution and earning your degree will help you achieve your career goals. 


List your experience.  Write about any experiences that have contributed to your career goals or intended major.  For example, discuss working at a veterinarian office or volunteering at an animal rescues shelter if applying for admission to a school to become a veterinarian. 


Discuss your academic performance.  Highlight your academic achievements including honor rolls, grade point averages or other special awards and recognition.  Identify what skills you have that will help you be a good student that represents the institution well.  Sell the committee on why you’re a better choice for the program or college than other students who have applied.


Proof your essay.  Read through your personal essay several times to catch any mistakes you’ve made.  Run a spelling and grammar check for errors.  Rewrite any misleading or awkwardly worded sentences.  Ask a teacher, parent or other adult to read through the essay as well to find any errors you’ve missed before submitting it with your admission application.