Ever wonder the correct way to write an email to a professional so that you come off as experienced, even if your not? Its important to know how to write professional emails so that when your trying to make a good impression you are able to. In my how to article Ill tell you how to successfully write a professional email.

Things You Will Need

Computer, Internet Access

Step 1

The first thing to consider when writing a professional email is the subject line. The most important rule is to never leave it blank. No one will read an email with the subject line:No Subject so always write something. Keep it short and to the point. I tend to include my name in the subject headline and then follow it up with a quick word or two of what my emails regarding. For example: Richie Frost-Networking Group. Also, if you have previously met the person your emailing then you can also include that in the subject line.

Step 2

The second thing to consider is the body but the first thing in the body is the initial greeting.

You should be respectful but yet friendly. If you have already met or talked to the person your emailing you can head it with their first name or a Mr.(last name) while being a little less formal. for example "Hey Jon" or "hey mr.Frost".

If you havent met the person or talked to the person your emailing before then the Mr.(last name) works here as well or you can use their full name and be more formal like Dear Richie Frost.

For the body, the only real rule is to keep it short and to the point. Chances are the person reading your email will have a lot of other emails to read as well and will want to get the gist of your email in as few of words as possible. You shouldn't drag it out but keep it condensed and make sure theres a point in writing the email.

Step 3

The final thing to consider is your signature. Its usually good to end with sincerely, or gratefully. You'll Want to include your name, what you do, your email address, your phone number, and your website if you have one.

It'll look something like this:


Richie Frost

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