Image you are the new HR manager, the correct recruitment policy is the first thing to do.

The success of any business depends on attracting the right people to match skills and personalities of vacant positions. It is important to take the cost of high staff turnover into account. The cost is not limited to training, but includes the potential loss of business, missed opportunities due to lack of experience of new staff, lowered morale of existing staff, loss of partnerships with suppliers or agents, and the displeasure of regular guests.

A pleasant outlook and a naturally friendly personality are important in the industry, but personality traits are hard to tell from observing an applicant at a job interview. Your chances of picking the right candidate from the application only or from the interview are about the same.

Professional recruiting requires:


  1. Consideration of staffing needs and vacancies
  2. A knowledge/forecast of future staff turnover
  3. A career path for each offered job
  4. Understanding of the type of skills and personality required to fill the position
  5. Communication with existing staff to let them know of the opening (locally and group wide)
  6. Decisions on how to source applicants: web, papers, agents, schools, colleges, TAFE, Government employment agencies, etc
  7. Consideration if it is proper to offer a trainees or apprenticeship, to use minorities, or offer a job to people with a disability. Most of these attract Government subsidies; however, take the disadvantages and advantages carefully into account.

Recruitment Procedures



  1. All vacancies are advertised either:
    • Internally by contacting HR
    •  A local paper
    •  A job agency which does not charge fees
    •  A local college or university
  2.  Each job must have a position description
  3. The standard position description can be altered to suit your property
  4.  If no standard position description is available contact HR to issue the required description
  5. All executive or senior positions must have tasks and goals set within a timeframe
  6. Each advertisement must list the minimum selection criteria and ask applicants to address each point in their letter of application
  7. Each advertisement must have a company logo



  1. Read the letter of application and CV carefully and check off the points listed in the selection criteria
  2. Take note of the level of English and communication skills
  3. Take note of presentation
  4. Select the 5 best applicants and invite them for an interview
  5. Set enough time for each interview
  6. Make notes before the interview


  1. Every candidate must attend a job interview and fill out an application form
  2. Every applicant must complete a consent form to allow us to check their visa status
  3. Obtain visa information or proof of residency/citizenship
  4. Record the interview outcome and keep with the applicant's file
  5. Obtain permission and details to carry out at least two reference checks
  6. Record the outcome of the reference check on the correct form and keep with the relevant paperwork

Employment Process

  1. Inform unsuccessful candidates and if you wish to keep their details on file, obtain their permission to do so.
  2.  Issue a letter of appointment/employment contract and insert the correct details, including
    •  Employment status
    •  Wage rate or salary
    • Award if applicable
  3. Check with the HR department if unsure which contract to use or if changes are required
  4.  Send a copy of the completed contract to your operations manager or HR for approval
  5.  Issue two copies of contract and position description to new employee, one for the employee and a signed copy for our files
  6. Confirm permanent residency/citizenship with documentation or valid visa with immigration department and keep copies/confirmation on file
  7. Ask the employee to complete and sign a "new employee details" form
  8. Start the induction program by assigning a buddy who is responsible for the induction
  9. During the induction, make sure every new employee is aware of fire regulations, evacuation plans, first aid locations and first aid officers, reporting of incidents and accidents, and their OH&S responsibilities.
  10. At the end of the induction both buddy and new employee sign the induction form and hand it in to be kept with the employee's records
  11. Enter all employee details into HR software and make sure the correct rates are applied
  12. Send all employment details including position name and level of pay, pay rates, and the relevant applicable award to your hotel accountant with comments on why the employee is paid at the level you have selected, whether the employee is paid under an award or by salary, and a copy of the employment contract.