Writing online has become a popular way to bring in additional income. However, many people write articles online without even considering search engine optimization. Articles online are different from articles in print. And as such, they require careful attention to search engine optimization. Articles that perform the best financially are well-written articles with one clear keyword or keyword phrase focus.

Keyword Research

There is not an exact science to search engine optimization. Articles, however, can be researched and written with the best interests of keyword optimization in mind. Before writing an article, it is important to do keyword research. There are a variety of free keyword research tools available on the internet, but the most popular is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

The Google tool allows the writer to see the average search volume of their keyword, the advertiser competition for a keyword, and other terms that may apply with regard to search engine optimization. Articles that focus on one or two strong performing keywords will be strong contenders in search. Learn more about using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool at Write For Cash. Write For Cash is a website provides SEO tips and article writing tips for content writers.

Using Keywords

One of biggest mistakes article writers make when writing an article is to use too many substitutions for their keyword, paying little attention to search engine optimization. Articles that contain words like "it" and "they" instead of the keyword are missing out on valuable search engine optimization points. Articles should always use the keyword whenever possible, but should also be written to sound natural. It is okay to write word substitutions for keywords a few times in the article, but the article should always be edited to include the keyword or keyword phrase the majority of the time. This increases the relevancy of the advertisements displayed, as well as the traffic brought to the article.

Another common mistake made when writing articles online is using search terms that are too broad for the best practices of search engine optimization. Articles should focus on one or two keyword or phrases at most. Stuffing an article with every possible keyword phrase related to the topic will only bring the search engine ratings down.