Thank-You Notes for Baby Shower GiftsBaby shower gifts are given to help the new parents prepare for the arrival of their new family member. The expense of coming up with these items is often to much for the new parents so friends and loved ones throw a shower to help with what is needed. Because of this help given it is important to write thank-you notes for baby shower gifts received.

Things You Will Need

Thank You Cards


Step 1

Make a list of each gift and who bought it for you to help with writing the thank-you notes for the baby shower gifts. If it was a gift of cash put the dollar amount next to the person⠀ ™s name. Have a trusted friend or family member make the list for the parent-to-be while opening the gifts.

Step 2

Write your thank-you notes for baby shower gifts in your own hand. Do not let others write your cards or type them out. This lets the giver know that you cared enough to take the time to add a personal touch.

Step 3

Write a message that includes the name of the baby shower gift or acknowledge their cash gift. It is also nice to explain how you will use the item or where you will display it.

Step 4

Send a picture of the gift when you write the thank-you notes for the baby shower gifts. Hold it up and take a picture of you holding it or take a picture with the item in the babies room or being used. If the gift was cash then take a picture of what you bought or explain how the money will be used.

Tips & Warnings