Valentine's CardsValentine's Day is known as the day to express your great love and devotion to your partner or spouse. Writing a heartfelt Valentine's card may seem intimidating but can actually be quite simple and will mean so much to your loved one.

Things You Will Need

Valentine's Cards


Step 1

Start with a realistic greeting. If you do not call your loved one your dearest love of all time, then don't use it in your greeting. Sometimes just simply stating their name is the best.

Step 2

Begin with your introduction. Talk about how you first met and how you felt the first time you saw your partner. Write how you felt in the first few months of your relationship in the Valentine's card. Write about your favorite moment together such as a vacation, your wedding, or the purchase of your first home.

Step 3

Explain in the next section of your Valentine's card what you love about your partner at the current time. Perhaps you can talk about how you love how your significant other cares for your children or how they wink at you from across the room or how you appreciate them standing by you through an illness or family issue.

Step 4

Describe how much you look forward to the future and what you are looking forward to. This could be the birth of a child, children leaving home, retirement, or the adventures you will have together.

Step 5

Close your letter as simply as you began it. A love, John will go a long way and may feel truer than a fancy and poetic closing.

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