Wedding Response CardsWedding response cards are an essential part of wedding planning. If nothing else they allow you to get an estimate of the amount of people who will be attending the wedding and how many people, who exactly, they will be bringing with them but they are also another subtle reminder to your guests of your wedding as they have to mail the wedding response cards back to you.

Things You Will Need

Paper or blank cards


Step 1

Ask for the person's attendance. For example: We request your attendance at the ceremony of Jane Doe and John Smith on September twenty second, two thousand and twenty. Using terms such as requesting your attendance is a respectful way of asking for their presence at your event.

Step 2

Give a date you would like to have a reply returned to you, preferably at least a month before the wedding date and more if you are having the ceremony somewhere outside of where most of the people live. Be prepared that several will attend that do not send back the wedding response cards and some that say they can attend will not make it.

Step 3

Create a blank line for the invitees to write their names on the wedding response cards. On the lines below their name line, write ___ accept, ___decline, and ___ number attending. Make sure you leave space for them to write in and a small space if they want to leave a note or ask a question.

Step 4

Add the location and addresses of the ceremony and reception if appropriate and needed as well as the host or hostesses contact number. This is also another reminder but will also give them the ability to call with questions ahead of time.

Tips & Warnings