The day is almost here and you still haven't written your wedding vows.

If you're like most people you probably have no clue how to write wedding vows. Keep reading to learn how.

Many couples today are moving away from repeating the same tired old traditional vows that so many people before them have used, choosing instead to personalize their ceremony by writing their own vows. People often think that they do not know how to write wedding vows without help from a professional, but it is easier than they may think.

These simple steps will help you write wedding vows that will express exactly how you feel on your special day.

Things You Will Need

Pen, Paper, and Inspiration

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is speak to the other people involved to be sure that everyone is in agreement regarding the type of vows that will be used. Naturally, you will discuss your vows with your fiancée, but you should also meet with the minister or other official who will be performing the ceremony to discuss your vows. Some religions have specific requirements for wedding vows, so you may be required to include specific phrases in your vows.

When deciding how to write your wedding vows, you and your fiancée should determine whether or not you will write one vow that both of you will say, or whether you will each have unique vows. You should decide whether to write your vows separately and disclose them to each other during the ceremony, or whether you will work together to write your vows.

Step 2

Learning how to write wedding vows is like learning to write an essay or a story. Sit in a quiet place and brainstorm to get ideas, jotting down whatever comes to mind. Try to think of the first time that you realized that you were in love and describe how it felt. Write down the one thing that you love the most about your partner, and your favorite memory of your time together. Visualize what you think married life will be like.

Step 3

You can look at examples of personalized wedding vows if you need inspiration, but keep in mind that using someone else's vows is not original; you should try to simply write what is in your heart. It is appropriate to use a quote from a poem or from a famous person as an opening sentence if it conveys exactly what you are trying to say. In the middle, you can talk about your love and what marriage means to you. The final sentence is the vow, so it should begin with the words, "I vow" or "I promise".

Step 4

If you are still unsure of how to write wedding vows, you could use a more traditional type of vow. For example: (Fiancée's name), you are my (soul mate, one true love, best friend) On this day I take you to be my (husband, wife, life partner) I promise to be (your loving partner, forever faithful) I vow to (love, cherish, respect, honor you), (you can create your own ending here or use a traditional one - for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live.)

Step 5

Memorize your vows, but keep a written version on hand in case you draw a blank when the big moment comes. Reading your vows rather than saying them from memory doesn't make them any less sincere, and it is better to read the vows in full than accidentally omit an important part because of nerves.

Now that you know how to write wedding vows it's time to start worrying about all of the other stuff like how to decorate a church for a wedding, how to write a wedding program, and when the wedding is over you'll need to know how to write a wedding announcement. So get to work.

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