It is the interviewer's task to evaluate if a job applicant is qualified to fill a certain position in the company. The first step to submitting a resume is to place a resume objective.

Some people might think that this field is only optional, but the truth is, this field should never be left blank. Here are some reasons why putting a clear objective is a must.

The resume objective says a lot about the applicant's employment goals and the talents that he is willing to share with the whole company.

It would also be best to have one specific objective for each company that you're applying in.

For example, if you are applying for a sales position at one firm, and a marketing post for another, you should key in different objectives. This way, your prospective employer can have a clear view of your career goals.

Once you've submitted your resume, remember that it can get piled along with hundred others. This is why it should be best to place the resume objective on top of your resume of some place that it can be noticed.

Some employers also consider a resume without an objective to be lacking and weak. The objective can also describe where the applicant's focus on the job is.

The resume objective can also convince the interviewer that you are a qualified candidate, and let him know about the contributions that you can offer the company.

Some people may think that little or no work experience is a hindrance when applying for a job. This is not true, as you may still be able to convince your prospect employer to hire you by making a striking resume.

Having a positive objective can do wonders for your job application and increases the risk of having a follow-up evaluation.

An effective resume objective is also straightforward and brief. Do not use the first person to start the sentence, and make sure that it does not exceed one sentence.

Use simple words to get your point across. You want to impress the manager, but not bore him and make him ignore your job application.

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