There are many approaches to writing a story summary for the back cover of a book. This article's purpose is to highlight just one approach to writing it.

An enticing back cover summary of your romance novel is what will convince readers to buy your book. After your book gets published it will be placed on the bookstore shelves along with other books of the same genre. The readers you are trying to reach will have plenty of books to choose from. Therefore, it is important that you create a back cover summary (or  synopsis) that is well written and interesting.

The first thing you have to do is answer a couple of questions.

1. Who is the hero?

2. Who is the heroine ?

3. What brought them together? How are they linked?

4. Why are they attracted to each other?

5. What is preventing them from acting on their attraction to each other?

The answers you provide will serve as building blocks for the development of your summary.

A lot of romance novels rely on a specific format or model to get their story across to the audience. When you look at the back covers of many romance novels you see that the summary is made up of two paragraphs. The first paragraph introduces the heroine and her background; the second paragraph introduces the hero and his background. Some novels will introduce the hero before the heroine. The order doesn't matter. It will be up to you to choose how you want to start the introductions. Within those two paragraphs the answers from questions one through five are summed up. Here is an example.

The wealthiest heiress in Colorado, Danielle Templeton finds skiing and snowboarding far more interesting than finding a husband--until she meets Jonathan Hayes, the handsome contractor hired to remodel her father's home. Jonathan is a mystery that Danielle wants to solve. When she starts prying into his past, she begins to learn more about him: both the good and the bad. And it only makes her want him more.

Jonathan Hayes has a secret and a mission he keeps hidden from everyone, especially from the beautiful and sensual Danielle Templeton. As much as he would like to leave Colorado, he can't until he finds out the truth behind his parentage. The truth that Danielle's father holds. Getting close to Mr. Templeton while avoiding his daughter is harder than he thinks. Every encounter with her only makes him want to give in to his desires to get closer to her physically and emotionally. Even though he wants Danielle at arm's length, the heat between them in undeniably real. And if there is one thing that they both can agree on it's that something needs to be done about it.

Look for a many examples from books that use this model and analyze how the authors weave the answers to those five questions into an appealing story summary. After that go ahead and write one of your own.