A birthday card is incomplete without an appropriate birthday message. A simple and sweet message can create magic.

Some of these cards come with ready made message while others have a blank space. You can utilize the blank space to write your own personal message.

Most of the card have inbuilt messages and all you need to inset is your name to it, but cards with personal messages are more memorable.

There are thousands of birthday cards available in the markets and stores. Some of these are simple, while others are funky.

Birthday greeting cards are available in various patterns, colors, sizes, designs and prices.

Some of the cards have animated characters, floral designs, geometrical patterns, kid's picture and animal photograph on them. You can even purchase these birthday cards online at amazing prices.

Create your own birthday card to give it a personal touch. Use vibrant colors, various designs, stickers, pictures, ribbons, glitters, and hand made papers to create your birthday card.

They can even insert their pets, friends or family members picture on it. Kids can take help of their parents in case they face any issues.

If it's your friend's birthday then you can create a handmade greeting card and write a personal message or a quotation on it.

You can create different birthday quotation for parents, teachers, grandparents, friends, and cousins. Personal messages are always special and will be cherished by all.

In the world of internet, people can send birthday e-cards with personal messages.

You can even send birthday messages through sms. These messages can be simple, cute, funny, romantic, and naughty.

You can even get birthday quotations and message on the net. There are numerous sites which has thousand of birthday and other messages.

Electronic cards are also available in the markets which have recorded birthday songs and messages.

You can also send a bunch of roses, a box of chocolates, cookies, candies, candles, a birthday cake or a picture frame along with the birthday card.

Another unique way of sending birthday message is MMS, where you can record your own message or your picture.

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