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Being A Successful Women Genre Blogger

If you have signed up for an ad revenue site such as Google Adsense or Kontra, then you have done so with the intention to make money.  Being successful on a publishing website or blogging platform is comparable to running your own home business.  Not only is it important being current, smart, and caring about the woman genre you want to write for but, it is also vital that a writer behaves so.  Many publishing websites such as HubPages, BlogCatalog, and Infobarrel have discussion base forums. 

Just like in life, women have a tendency to hold grudges or become defensive.  Unfortunately, men have developed better debating habits than most women, due in part to the fact that they have had thousands, upon thousands of years practicing them.  Women have not been so fortunate.  Not too long ago, (mid  1940's) a woman's voice was only meant to be heard in the bedroom.  Her opinion did not bear much weight in the world arena, and unfortunately in a lot of nations, that is still the case.  Therefore, getting in arguments with women, in a public online forum, is not good business sense.  If you are planning on having a blog made for mostly women readers, and you are a male blogger, then I would stay clear of certain topics such as the physical pain of childbirth for example. Men do not feel the physical pain of childbirth.  However, downplaying that pain can disrespectful.  My advice to any blogger or content writer, be respectful at all times (in dialog) about the certain women topics unique to women.  I have listed a few forum conduct guidelines to work by. 

Five Rules - Building A Fan Base From The Bottom

1) Get Out While You Are Ahead

It is extremely important that you start grasping how your forum participation directly impacts your business.  It is really about the bottom dollar, and not whether your right or wrong.  It is completely okay to let the person you are conversing with feel smarter than you.  In fact I urge it.  Nevertheless, if you insist on arguing then use phrases such as, "I am not quite understanding the argument." Or, "Can you try explaining your point of view, one more time?  I do not think I understood you correctly."  Now, if you have a historical quote or fact to share, which might make the argument, add that fact.  Let the "facts" make the case and not your opinion.  Opinions are often viewed as bias ramblings.  To excessively argue with anyone, let alone a woman, is an end game.  When this article was first conceived, there were over 8 billion people conversing in Internet chat rooms and/or community forums internationally. Be the most positive, fair, and friendliest voice in the chat room, and leave your opinions to yourself.  Staying true to your principles is one thing, however, arguing a point excessively is another. At the end of an argument ask yourself, "Did I make a difference?", or "Did I just lose potential ad revenue or followers?"  My guess is that you lost money, and absolutely made zero differences.

2) Tread Carefully Before You Type:

"Why you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder."—Princess Leia

Everybody likes to hear themselves speak!   Online forums are to some people, the only place where they can have a voice. Therefore, you are often dealing with people who might be shy or insecure in their real lives, but, battle trolls in their avatar worlds.  The last thing you want to happen is for you to be called a hateful name, or given a bad reputation on a content writing site.  One of the major business guidelines for any entrepreneur is to listen and think first, before you speak or write something. Follow those same guidelines in the blogging world.  Think carefully before you speak, therefore, tread carefully before you type.

3) Avoid My Five for Five Points of Confrontational Conversation Situations and Topics:

People love to lecture other people on these 5 unique situations:

  • What to believe.
  • How to think.
  • How to act.
  • Where their intimate loyalties should belong too.
  • What to endure.

Religion, foreign relations, economics, politics, healthcare are 5 topics which only tend to lead to more confrontation. Yes, I am fully aware that these 5 situations and 5 topics can make for a great debate in online community forums, but, are you aware that one false step in one of these forums, could cost you your business?  In the retail business world, the first thing they teach you is to avoid political and religious topics.  Too never state your religious or political party affiliations.  Online blogging for cash is not any different, especially if you are writing for women.  If you insist on discussing these topics, never state your opinion and always write the pro and cons to both/all parties.  Never, ever, ever, seem to have an opinion.  Look, I have made this mistake. It can be an especially damaging mistake to make. The key difference is advice is advice, and lecturing is a form of preaching.  Anyone can be an affiliation preacher, but, not everyone can be bipartisan.  If you are a blogger like myself, who is trying to make a sideline income from writing Infobarrel and blogging articles, only play the bipartisan role. Like my Rule #1 states, "Get out while you are ahead."  Women are very passionate about these 5 for 5 points of confrontational conversation triggers.  Hence, the title.  Swindling deals, by forcing aggressive viewpoints on other female readers, is not a way to gain repeat viewers. Be fully apprised of these different triggers of reason, which most women like to lecture about. 

4) Forums Are Used As Advertisement Avenues ONLY!

This should speak for itself. Fully understanding how SEO works, following Google Adsense policies and freelance writing for sites such as Infobarrel, is how you turn a profit out of your passion for writing. However, understand that just by participating actively in an Internet chat room or community forum under your profile name, makes you a typing billboard for your blog or content writing site articles. You are essentially advertising your new business adventure, by communicating freely in different realms of the social media world be it: Facebook, Twitter, RedGage, HubPages, etc. Therefore, when surfing and finding new places to converse in, simply remember Rules #1, 2, & 3. Pin them to memory!  

To reaffirm this rule, a blogger might want to take a lesson from another fellow blogger, who has made a fortunate in the writing industry.  Jon Morrow of Boost Blog Traffic, wrote an article back in April of 2014[3].  The article posts 20 blogging lessons, guaranteed to drive traffic to your webpage.  His Lesson #8, basically reiterates my #4 Rule.   His Lesson #8 is expertly titled: Measure The Value of Everything You Do.  In this lesson he writes about guest comment posting.  He implied that one of the best ways to drive traffic to a blog and gain repeat customers, is by posting comments on other websites, blogs, articles, and in forums.  It is a great way to drive web traffic to a blog, and help to increase the blog's Google page ranking.  If you are combative, argumentative, or insulting on one of these platform; the only thing/person negatively affected, is you and the blog.


5) Everyone is a "Know-it-All." Including YOU!

The sooner you come to terms with this, the better off you will be.

"I try to learn from the past...." —Donald Trump

Recap of the Rules:

  • Do not be aggressive and argue with forum other participants or bloggers. Listen, you may feel your opinion is the right one.  Nonetheless, it is clearly the wrong opinion if it keeps those readers, you are trying to reach, from reading your articles.
  • Think about what you are writing and/or the point-of-view you are trying to make. Look at the written word from a woman's perspective.  And, women look at what you are writing from the male perspective.
  • Nobody wants to read another person's personal rant.
  • Avoid the five confrontational conversation topics in a forum: Religion, foreign relations, economics, politics, healthcare.
  • Never make your target audience, feel like you are attacking them.  Participate as long as you like just as long as your personal participation offends no one.  
  • Argue only only facts, and have the facts to support the argument.  For example no one can argue that George Washington was not the first "elected" president of the United States. But they can argue whether he was the greatest.  If you have an opinion, create an article and write it down there.  You might as well try to make money off the opinion.  This way if a woman lands on your article's webpage, she has the option to read the opinion.  State only what you know to be fact, and leave the other debate for those who obviously have more money than you do, and do not need the webpage traffic.
  • Be kind, respectful, and always remember to follow the community format rules. Trust me, I have made the mistake of not doing that. I know first hand the damage of being considered an online troll or bully.  Try to remember this amazing quote from a brilliant man, "To succeed, you will soon learn, as I did... ”Alan Greenspan
  • You do not have to be the smartest one in the room, you just have to be YOU! Keeping an open mind will make you a richer person.

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Take Home Value Factors

I. Having Substance

After making a blog discovery (about four years ago), I have been on a mission to spread the love to other women bloggers.  The type of love I am referring to comes in the form of advice, and let me just say, it has really made a difference in my content writing experience.  If you were once like me, and have trouble attracting women readers to your articles, this particular advice is definitely for you!  Did you know that to create a successful blog for women, one of the most important features it needs is a, "Take Home Value Factor"? 

I first learned about these value factors in 2010, after reading an article written by known blogger Confab, of Confabuliously. In her 2010 blog cover story, Confab writes about how very successful women blog writers (whom she dubbed the "Goddess bloggers”[1]) tended to write better articles, than their male counterparts did.  She discovered that the blogs created by these so-called "Goddess bloggers" had substance, style, and appeal.  They also had simple DIY implantable ideas.  The "Take Home Value Factor" topics were very vast and board.  They were about anything, and covered subjects on any level from amateur to professional.

The main point that Confab was making was that, women readers want articles with substance.  Simply put, a success blog needs solid material to attract women.  It must be worth the time it takes to read.  Women have busy schedules these days, and frankly do not have time to read crap.  Most importantly, Confab of Confabuliously concluded that the average 21st Century woman, did not want her personal time wasted on trivial matters, mundane conversations, inflated articles, or fake people. If a woman decided to take time away from her endless lists and daily duties, an article needs an executable value to her life. Hence the phrase: "Take Home Value Factor." 

II. Visual Aids

Women tend to be visual thinkers. They tend to look at life, as if staring down a kaleidoscope. Life problems or solutions are rarely visualized in black and white. For an article to be successful, it needs to contain at least one stimulating element. As a rule of thumb, articles designed to peak women's interest, always need to have associated visual elements within the piece.

Visual content also helps in keeping articles from being too wordy. With the added aid of visual properties, first hand images can say what needs to be said, without writing any additional thousand word essays. First impressions do matter, when blogging! Pictures offer the viewer a welcome mat, as they begin to walk into the front door of your blog or hub. On average women tend to overlook articles, which do not have any visual aid content.


III. Stop Writing Fluff, Women Are Breadwinners

When writing an article designed for women, there are no set topics to write about. Yes there are topics that are more popular than others but, no subject is off-limits to female readers.  Do not limit articles designed for women, just to "girlie" topics or fluff. The modern woman, reads topics on business finance, mechanical engineering, architecture, American politics, etc., just as often as men do. Long gone are the days when women were housewives. Women today are car fabricators, wartime soldiers, stock brokers, farmers, and construction workers.

According to a survey conducted by Prudential Financial, over half of the women working in America today, are the breadwinner for their household. Whereas in 1993, men were the average breadwinner in American families. In less than a decade, women have overtaken the financial leadership role that men had maintained for nearly, eight thousand (plus) years. Think about that people, when deciding to write an article for women. Yes, modern women care about fine lines and wrinkles, raising children, martial woes, and bedtime relations. Nevertheless, that is only a small part of what women care about these days.  Today's modern women are also learning how to fly rockets to the moon, pressure cleaning ceramic roofs, or painting outdoor living spaces.  

"Anyone can succeed if you continue to strive to do the best you can, and never give up.  If one idea does not work then learn from your mistakes and try something new."[2] 

Women's Business Success Show - Blogging 101

Video production made possible by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs.  Empower yourself, and start writing a blog for women!