How-write-check-checking-accountsFinancial work can often be overwhelming and if you do not get it right, it may end up costing you a lot too. This is why it is important to understand the intricacies of a financial task and ensure that the procedure is done in accordance with the rules. Writing out of checks to checking accounts is one such procedure that needs a person to keep certain points in mind.

Things You Will Need

Below a checklist that will help you in writing the perfect check to a checking account –

Step 1

Name - In the top line write the name of the person who the check is written out to. In case you are putting in a check into your own account simply write your own name. This name should be written clearly and have the same spelling as in the bank records.

Step 2

Amount – Fill the amount that you need to withdraw in the following line. This amount should be written in words. Finish this with the word 'only' so that additions cannot be made to this amount. There will be a box provided on the right hand corner where the same amount needs to go in digit form. Finish of the numerical figure with the slash sign '/'.

Step 3

Signature – You must sign a check at the bottom right corner, for the check to be valid. It is advisable to sign on the back of the check too since this ensure double authentication.

Step 4

Date - The date must go in on the check too and this is to be written on top right hand corner. The date should follow a date/month/ year format.
Of course with online banking, checks have taken a back seat. Today one can transfer money with a click of a button and withdraw it via an ATM. All the same it will help to learn the art of writing a check, since it is crucial to the process of banking and will come in handy sometime or the other.

Tips & Warnings

It is best to cross a check since this prevents the chances of a fraud. In order to cross a check you have to put in two slanted lines on the left hand top corner and write the words 'account payee' within them. However, this can only be done in cases where the check is used to transfer money to an account and not for withdrawal.