Everyone has suffered from a bad customer experience at one point in their life; it is an inevitable fact of dealing with the customer service industry. The service is provided by people, after all, who can have bad days just like everyone else. Their bad day doesn't make up for the ruining of your day though and if you write a complaint letter you can get compensated for the ruination. Follow this complaint letter template to get the most out of a bad customer service experience or a broken product purchase.

Things You Will Need

Paper and pen

or e-mail

Step 1

Browse various free samples of complaint letters. This is especially useful if you're still very upset about your bad customer service experience or product problem. Reading examples of a complaint letter can help calm you down and show you how a calm letter is more likely to get an answer - and a good answer - than a belligerent, angry letter.

Step 2

Include a date, when you begin to write a complaint letter, in the first sentence and where you were, including city and state and the name of the store or product.

Step 3

Tell, in careful detail, what the problem was. Explain how you were given bad customer service or how the product you purchased broke or failed to perform to its specifications.

Step 4

Use the next paragraph to tell what you would like done, within reason, to make amends for the problem. This is the sign of a truly good customer service letter and as long as the request is reasonable it is likely to be answered either in the affirmative or with a counter offer that is very good.

Step 5

Mail the letter by snail mail or e-mail and wait a few weeks. Usually a company will respond back in less than a week. Many will accept the request you have given if they can honor it and if not, due to an item being out of warranty or some other problem, they will offer deep discounts on future purchases or a next meal free.

Step 6

Rejoice in a successful complaint letter but don't fret on one that is denied or ignored.

Tips & Warnings

Be polite. Waiting 24 hours before writing a complaint letter can help this, as can reading other customer service letters.

Don't make absurd requests or you're likely to get turned down entirely if not just ignored.