Here are some simple steps that you can follow in order to write a coverletter before you apply for a job opening. After this article, i will follow up with “How to Write your Resume”. Thanks for reading.

01. Open up with your name, address and contact details

                Open your coverletter  your name, mailing address,  e-mail and phone number. This will help the reader to get all the contact information. This will give the reader a quick idea for that contact information he is looking for.

 02. Next, mention the recepient's address

                Write the reader’s name, and company information along with street address. It will make you stand out who has taken time to know the contact person’s details. By writing the contact person’s name, you have a high chance of redirecting of them reading it. This will save your time for a response.

                However, if you don’t know the contact person’s name, write “To whom it may concern” for your opening.

03.Write the Subject of Your Coverletter and Opening Salutation line

                After that write down the subject of your letter. Just mention the subject in few words and to the point.  You can also copy this subject while composing your e-mail. Next, open up by writing ‘Dear sir or madam’.

04. Write your Content

The first sentence, mention how did you found out about the job opening. It could be posting from a newspaper, or an online job or the company’s website. Then mention the post you are applying for.

                In the next paragraph, write down any previous job experience you have had in that field.  Or if you are a fresher, then mention why you are interested for this job opening.

Lastly, list your innate skills,  strengths, and past achievements in both academic or professiona life. Explain what are you key strenghts and what you are good at. Focus on that and give some examples as to how it's going to influence in the productivity of the company.

05. Ending of your Coverletter

End your letter by mentioning if you prefer email over phone for purpose. Then mention that you will follow up with a thank you letter.

You can also google for other useful links on this same subject.  Heres’ a list of link that i found helpful on this topic.

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