Crafting a compelling sales resume can be a powerful way to land a high paying job in sales. Highlighting impressive accomplishments and including quantitative data showing how you delivered specific results for your company can go a long way in getting the attention of prospective employers. The key thing is to know what kinds of achievements are meaningful to recruiters and to communicate these points clearly on your sales resume.

One powerful resume writing technique that's relevant for sales resumes is the Challenge, Actions, Results (CAR) method, used to illustrate how an employee has delivered value and results for the company. The "challenge" part of this technique examines a significant task of reasonable difficulty that you took the initiative in doing for your company. The "actions" part would describe the key steps that you took in accomplishing your defined task. Lastly, the "results" part highlights the benefits to the company that were derived from your accomplishments of the task (i.e. increase in the profitability of the business).

An easy way to see how this technique works is with an example. Chris is a sales executive for a large multinational consumer electronics conglomerate responsible for driving up sales in the North American market. Chris' challenge might be offering to take up a senior leadership role to help increase sales in the company's smartphone division, which has been struggling with sales. His actions might be establishing new marketing strategies to help build better brand awareness to a targeted demographic. Another example of his action might be leading and mentoring a dedicated team of sales managers to improve their sales techniques through training programs. Chris' result might be a 50% increase in the company's smartphone sales over the 3rd quarter of last year, attributable to his achievements. As illustrated in this example, the CAR method offers a quick template for quantitatively conveying the causes and effects of your accomplishments at previous sales roles.

It's also important to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager and consider what kinds of results they would find most attractive. The obvious one is helping increase your company's profitability. Perhaps you played a key role in introducing a new process of doing things that helped save a substantial amount of money or decrease overhead costs. Or maybe you've done something that helped improve the productivity of other sales representatives. Achievements in the area of public relations are also worth highlighting; an example could be helping to increase its brand awareness and reputation, which in turn have a strong impact on sales.