When you're looking to modify your mortgage or do a short sale on your property, you might be asked to write a hardship letter. If that has you stumped, you can use the following as a template.

Things You Will Need

~pen and paper/ a word processor and printer

Step 1

Put the date at the top and open with something general such as To Whom it May Concern. This lets your lender know that the letter is up to date with what's happening in your life, and serves as a greeting that is general enough to apply to anyone.

Step 2

The body of your letter will describe what happened in your life that has made it difficult for you to make your mortgage payments. When you purchased the house, you agreed to make the specified payments; now, perhaps due to divorce, job loss, transfer, necessary medical bills or any number of other things, you are no longer able to make payments that high. There is no specific amount that you have to write. Just explain in your own words what happened.

Step 3

End your letter with a request. Your situation will dictate what you ask for. It might be: Please work with me on a loan modification, or Please consider a short sale offer. Having clarified what you want, sign off with something neutral such as 'sincerely', 'thanks in advance', or 'have a great day' and sign your name to the letter. Array

Tips & Warnings

This won't be submitted to an English teacher--it's okay if your spelling and grammar aren't absolutely perfect.