Since the beginning of resume writing history, the objective has been a part of many resumes. This statement of your objective is considered to be critical part of the resume. Unfortunately, many people do not put enough thought into their objectives. Like every part of your resume, this objective statement should be focused on filling the needs of the employer.

Much like a headline in a news story, the objective's purpose is to draw the reader in and get them engaged with the material - namely your resume. Again much like a news story, people keep reading when the story is interesting to them. Put yourself in the reader or recruiter's shoes. What is interesting to them? Simple an objective that fills a need they have. You have to put yourself into the readers mind and use that mindset to your advantage. Always remember the purpose of the resume is not to get you a job, but to get you an interview. You want the resume to tell the reader you are worthy of speaking to face to face.

There is a right and wrong way to appear to fill this need in the objective section of the resume. The wrong way is to simply look at the ad and match the title of the job to your objective. So you do not want to say - My objective is to find a job as a customer service manager for a widget company. Guess what, that is the objective of everyone else who is applying to Widgets Incorporated.

The correct way to write an objective is to mix in your relevant skill set in the objective. A better objective statement is - To use the customer service skills I have developed over 15 successful years in the Widget industry managing a staff of eight widget problem fixers servicing 1,500 demanding widget buyers in a new challenging customer service position. This statement lets the recruiter know you have the skills to do the job they are filling. Also since the objective is at the top of your resume, you are giving them the information they need to consider you right away. You are not making them hunt through your resume to see that you are qualified. You get the idea. This headline approach gets the reader of your resume immediately thinking that I am reading the resume of an industry professional who can fill my needs.

The next resume you send out, try this technique as you customize your objective to the needs of the company.