How to Write a Reference List for a Job ApplicationDo you need to write a reference list for a job application? Once you've asked your superiors if you can use them for a reference, you will want to create a single page for your job portfolio that contains all their contact information at a glance. This page can be sent in a job application package along with a resume and cover letter, or it can be a handy reference for you when filling out a job application by hand. So if you need to know how to write a reference list for your next job, read on.

Title the page "Reference List."  Center this title and make the font in bold print.

On the first line, write the person's full name.  For example, write "Mr. Joe Brown" or "Dr. Jane Doe." Then write the person's title on the second line. This might be "principal," or "assistant manager."

Name the company the person works for on the third line.  This could be "XYZ Incorporated."  Just make SURE to spell it correctly and write the complete name of the company.

Write the street address on the fourth line. The city and state go on the fifth line. Format this exactly the way you would if you were using it as a mailing address. However, you might want to write the full name of the state and street (for example, write "Drive" instead of "Dr.") because it looks more formal.  A nine digit area code looks more detailed, but isn't necessary.

Include a phone number on the sixth line. Write the contact person's Email address on the seventh line.

Prioritize your job references as you see fit. You could order these alphabetically by last name, chronologically (more recent contact people would go at the top in this case) or by rank (for example, managers would be listed above assistant managers). Try all three of these methods, and compare how your lists look. Whose names do you want a potential employer to call FIRST? Usually employers call the first 3 names, so choose the list with the best flatterers toward the top!

Format the page so it is 2 columns. Since addresses are short, this will help look your page look more filled out if you have many references. Be sure to include as many (or more than) as the job application required. If the job you're applying for asks for 3, you can leave this as a single column. And that's all you need to learn how to write a reference list for a job application! Good luck.