Would you like to know what good resume writers do for their resume preparation to really wow potential employers? An executive resume writing service would help you format your resume to look nice on the page, as well as include all the information that is going to be relevant to your future boss.  If you need resume assistance, follow these techniques resume writers in professional resume services take advantage of that’ll make your quality resume stand out!
Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
•    Quality paper
•    A distribution list of potential employers
•    A free resume search to see sample resume formats


Step 1:  Create a heading with contact information. The goal all resume writers have for their resume distribution is for potential employers to reply. An executive resume writing service would put your name, address, phone number, and email address on the first line. Some professional services would right justify this information.  Just make sure it is obvious to potential employers, and listed clearly at the top.

Step 2:  Illustrate your career objective. The next step focused resume writers take in their resume preparation tell what job they’re applying for. Skip a line after your contact information for a heading called "Objective." Some professional resume service might call this a “Career Objective.” Either term is fine.  Underline and embolden this title, as an executive resume writing service might do, and keep it flush with the left margin. The next line of a quality resume you should tell the job you seek. For example, on my professional resume writing "elementary school teacher" clarified my desired position for potential employers on my resume distribution list.  

Step 3:  List your education next. Skip another line and create your next heading: Education. For a professional resume writing your college, degree, and year you graduated is an important part of resume preparation. Enter your certifications or a thesis put them here, because an executive resume writing service would tell you that resume writers want to impress their employers!

Step 4:  Explain your previous experiences. In resume preparation, you must remember to inform your potential employer who you’ve worked for previously and what your duties were, as succinctly as possible. An executive resume writing service would have you skip another line and create your next heading: Experience. On the next line, indent, then write in bold (not underlined) the company you worked for, the city and state. On the next line in italics, write a phrase describing what position you held there. For example, for my professional resume writing "Third grade teacher: Urban, culturally diverse, inclusion classroom" was an asset I highlighted in my resume preparation.  On this same line, still in italics, tell the years you worked there. On the next line a quality resume needs bulleted key experiences/duties you had, using strong verbs and specific details. For example, for my professional resume writing: "received commendation for 100% of students passing the MCAS in 2004” showed my employer just what I could do to improve her school.

Step 5:  Repeat step 4 for every job you've had that’s related to your objective.  A free resume search would show you how these bullets create white space that makes a quality resume that is attractive and easy to read.  Professional resume services know that formatting and layout are crucial in resume preparation. 

Step 6:  Skip a line for your next heading: Professional Development. Resume writers who want to impress potential employers on their resume distribution lists with a quality resume tell what conferences or workshops they’ve opted for to stay current with trends in their fields. Bullet a list, just like the professional resume services do, of any trainings or workshops you've attended outside your formal degree program , and include the year.

Step 7:  Skip a line for your next heading: "Honors." Don't be afraid to show off! For a professional resume writing awards related to your field in your job or formal education, would go under this heading.  Remember to format with bullets like the professional resume services do. 

Step 8:  Pair this with a cover letter and any other application materials required in a professional looking folder and 9x12 envelope in a timely manner. Type the mailing address directly on the envelope, or onto a label that you stick on the envelope (just make sure the colors match, such as white on white). Send this to all potential employers on your application distribution list.  For more resume assistance for resume writers, visit the resource links I've added below, or try a free resume search for templates or professional resume services. Good luck!


Give the people what they want.  Check the job advertizement to see what is most important to your potential employer.  Are they looking for higher education, or years of experience?  A professional will put the employer's preferences at the top of the page. 

It's always a good idea to have an objective third party look over your writing.  Try giving your application materials to a good friend who's willing to help you.  They might find a typo that you didn't even notice.  When you're too close to a project, these things are easy to overlook.  Your friend doesn't even have to be a grammar whiz; let them know you're willing to return the favor when need be. 

Your alma mater my have resume assistance if you need more help with your cover letter and resume preparation.  They may have examples on hand so you can do a free search for samples in the career resources office. They may also have some job listings on file, as well as opportunities for job fairs.  Call your former college to see if they have a "Career Center" that can help you further.  The career counselors provide a trained, objective set of eyes to go over your paperwork with a fine-toothed comb. 



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