Are you planning on writing a resume that will wow a potential employer? Follow these steps to format and write a resume that'll make you stand out!



Things you'll need:

•    Quality resume paper

Job application letterCredit: SOCIALisBETTER a heading with contact information. When writing a resume you want potential employers to reply. Have your name, address, phone number, and email address on the first line. You can right justify this information.
Illustrate your career objective. When writing a resume clarify what job you're applying for. Skip a line after your contact information for a heading called "Objective." Underline and embolden it, flush with the left margin. On the next line, tell the job you seek. For example, mine was "elementary school teacher."
List your education next when writing a resume. Skip another line and create your next heading: Education. List your college, degree, and year you graduated. Enter your certifications or a thesis put them here, because when you writing a resume you want to impress your employers!
Explain your previous experiences. When writing a resume inform your potential employer who you've worked for previously and what your duties were, as succinctly as possible. Skip another line and create your next heading: Experience. On the next line, indent, then write in bold (not underlined) the company you worked for, the city and state. On the next line in italics, write a phrase describing what position you held there. For example, I wrote "Third grade teacher: Urban, culturally diverse, inclusion classroom." On this same line, still in italics, tell the years you worked there. On the next line bullet key experiences/duties you had, using strong verbs and specific details. For example, one of mine said: "received commendation for 100% of students passing the MCAS in 2004."
Repeat step 4 for every job you've had that's related to your objective.
Skip a line for your next heading: Professional Development. When writing a resume to impress, you want to let your employer know what conferences or workshops you've opted for to stay current with trends in your field. Bullet a list of any trainings or workshops you've attended outside your formal degree program, and include the year.
Skip a line for your next heading: "Honors." When you write a resume, show off! If you're received any awards related to your field in your job or formal education, list them here.
Pair this resume with a cover letter and any other application materials required in a professional looking folder and 9x12 envelope in a timely manner. For more tips on writing a resume quickly, visit the resource links I've added below. Good luck!



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