To be successful, an article must evoke the reader's interest. It must satisfy the reader's curiosity on the subject written about. A writer can come up with a saleable article by adhering to the following principles of article writing:

Write on a Wide Range of Topics: A writer can write on a particular area of interest or field in which the writer specializes such as travel, health, art, and business among other categories. It is good to specialize in a particular category but it is always better to write on several topics. It is more stimulating, and the avenues open are endless.

Maintain your Own Distinct Style: An article should be written with the writer's own style keeping in tune with the basics of article writing such as knowledge about the subject matter, anecdotes, examples, and clarity. Imitation would dull the effect. The writer should be enthusiastic. If the writer is bored or writes as if compelled to do so, it will come through and be apparent somewhere in the article.

Keep the Target Audience in Mind: An article has to be written with the target audience in mind. This is because the psychological aspect of reading is of primary importance as far as the reader is concerned. Articles on various topics have different sets of readers. There are some articles that are written for the general public while others aim at a specific readership. The topic should cater to the particular readership and match the subject in question.

Make the Text Flow Smoothly: Whatever the topic, the writing must be easy on the eye of the reader. The sentences and paragraphs must have a logical link so that the central theme of the article effectively comes across in the write-up. The wording has to be carefully selected, and the grammar and punctuation correct. Simple conversational language is more enduring and makes the article easy to identify for the reader.

Include the Key Elements for Success: To be successful, an article should combine the ingredients such as examples, punch lines, the relevant information on the chosen subject, and a conclusion that invokes desire and action on the part of the reader. The article as a whole should be able to create an impact. To top it all, an article must have an arresting title that catches the reader's attention.

Conduct Research on Writers Markets: With regard to publication, research needs to be undertaken on what type of writing-related websites or magazines publish which type of articles. If you conduct a search on the Web, you can obtain a list of paying markets for writers. A careful study of different websites and publications gives the writer an idea as to where the article should be submitted. This saves a lot of trouble and time, as you don't end up sending the wrong material.

Draft a Competent Query Letter: Becoming acquainted with an overview of writing query letters to publications can also prove to be helpful. A query letter or an email for submission must be such that it arouses the interest of the publication or website. It can convey what the article is about in a concise manner. The tone of the query letter must be friendly and informal.

If you combine the above factors while writing an article, it helps you to come up with a saleable proposition.