The task of writing your senior thesis can be daunting. The sheer importance of this project can overwhelm some students and cause many to stress. However, writing a senior thesis is not a difficult project as long as you understand what is expected of you. Here are some steps to take when writing your senior thesis.

Things You Will Need

Senior thesis topic

Research material


Step 1

Choose a topic. While this may seem easy, make sure that your choose your senior thesis topic very carefully. You will spend many hours working on this thesis, so make sure it is a topic that has research potential and one that you enjoy.

Step 2

Write a thesis statement. Thesis statements tell the reader what your paper is going to be about. The thesis statement should only be one sentence long.

Step 3

Start conducting research. The research for your senior thesis should be very detailed and thorough. Remember that you will be using this research to prove points in your thesis statement, so be sure that you have conducted quality research.

Step 4

Create an outline of your senior thesis based on your research. This outline will help you organize your thoughts, remember key points, and prepare your arguments.

Step 5

Begin writing a rough draft. A rough draft is a preliminary, editable form of your senior thesis paper. It is merely just the first step in getting your thesis on paper.

Step 6

Type the final copy of your senior thesis and proof read to check for any mistakes. It is also a good idea to have someone else look at your senior thesis to find any mistakes that you might have missed. Make sure that your paper uses your research to clearly prove the overall points of your senior thesis.

Tips & Warnings